From Costa Rica to Georgetown, Green Keeping Busy

He snorkeled the blissful coastline of Costa Rica and rode a zip line through its rainforest.

And hardly a soul knew it was Jeff Green.

That’s just how Green likes it, especially since this was his first vacation in what seemed like forever.

The Thunder forward has since resumed classes at Georgetown University. He hits the books just like any other college kid, and even has a six-page English paper due next week.

All the while Green has made plenty of time for the weight room and basketball court in an effort to return to Oklahoma City a better player than he left it.

Yes, it’s been a fruitful summer for the affable Green, who took time to talk to THUNDER.NBA.COM on Thursday during an afternoon stroll through the nation’s capital.

Here’s what he had to say:During your exit interview, you told us you were going to put the basketball down for a bit. Did you take a vacation? “I had my first vacation. I went to Costa Rica for about a week. It was pretty cool but it was hot. I had fun. I relaxed.”Do anything fun in Costa Rica? Swim with the dolphins or anything? “I did snorkel. I went zip lining. Other than that I just rested and chilled by the pool.”Did people recognize who you were? “Actually more on the way back home. I ran into a lady from Oklahoma who knew who I was but other than that, no. It felt good.”So we hear you’re back to school at Georgetown. When did classes start? “Last Monday, which was the first (of the month). I’m taking classes four days a week. Not too hard, not too easy. It’s Georgetown.”What classes are you taking? “I’m taking an English and an Art class. English is my major so I’ve got to get that requirement done. Art’s been pretty fun. Just a lot of different drawings, different patterns and color schemes. I haven’t written a paper yet (for English) but I have one due Tuesday. It’s my first paper. It’s like six pages. It’s about a novel on Frederick Douglas.”With the type of career you have, why bother going back to school? “When I left for the NBA I promised myself I would finish because basketball’s not going to last forever. It’s just good to have my degree. A lot of things can happen. I can go down different paths. It’s a good thing for myself.”How often do you study? “Every night. I try to get two, two-and-a-half hours worth of homework in. That’s about it.”Are you back in the gym? “I’ve been working out since two weeks ago, or the last week of May. It’s been pretty good, just getting back in shape. It’s been fun. I’m just working on everything. I’m trying to get better at everything. I’m at Georgetown with the guys here.”Have you bumped into Kevin Durant or any other NBA players? “I haven’t seen Kevin yet. (Former Georgetown and NBA player) Othella Harrington was here but that’s about it. As of yet it’s just been myself or with Othello.”Have you added anything new to your routine? “Just the same thing, only a little more intensity with it. I just want to make sure everything is sharp before I come back.”How often do you keep in touch with your Thunder teammates? “I’ve talked to Kevin and Russell a couple times and D.J. White. The guys are doing their own thing so I’m sure they don’t have a lot of time. But I check up on them every now and then.”Have you followed the NBA Playoffs and Finals? “Here and there. I missed the first two games of the Finals but it’s been pretty competitive as I’ve seen. I really haven’t even watched much highlights. I’ve been more concerned with what I’ve got to do.”

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