In an effort to make your Game Night experience as efficient as possible, the following parking and directions are listed for your convenience. By clicking on the Interactive Parking Map you can get step-by-step instructions to designated parking lots for both season pass holders and pay to park options. Additional parking lots are located throughout Downtown and Bricktown and are available on a pay to park basis.

Please be aware that the Thunder does not own or manage any parking lots at or around Paycom Center and do not determine parking costs.

Arts District Garage

431 W Main St.
S. Entrance: 35°28'4.50"N, 97°31'12.24"W

(Pay to Park)

N. Entrance: 35°28'6.15"N, 97°31'12.47"W

(Pay to Park)

Sheridan-Walker Garage

501 W Sheridan Ave.
Entrance: 35°28'1.60"N, 97°31'16.94"W

(Pay to Park)

Century Center Garage

145 W Sheridan Ave.
Entrance: 35°27'59.72"N, 97°30'55.87"W

(Season passes & Pay to Park)

Convention Center Garage

400 S Broadway Ave.
Entrance: 35°27'41.16"N, 97°30'52.01"W

(Season passes only)

Prairie Surf Media Garage

1 Myriad Gardens
W. Entrance: 35°27'55.17"N, 97°30'57.79"W

(Season passes only)

E. Entrance: 35°27'55.17"N, 97°30'48.21"W

(Season passes only)

Scissortail Lot

98 SW 6th St.
Entrance: 35°27'32.15"N, 97°30'52.01"W

(Pay to Park)

West Lots

299 S Harvey Ave.
W. Entrance: 35°27'49.30"N, 97°31'3.71"W

(Season passes only)

331 SW 2nd St
N. Entrance: 35°27'47.08"N, 97°31'5.81"W

(Season passes only)

Courtyard Marriott Garage

301 S E K Gaylord Blvd
35.46330161976407, -97.51321174880152

(Season passes only)

Downtown and Bricktown

For more parking options throughout downtown and Bricktown, please visit Downtown OKC Parking

(Pay to park)