For the third consecutive season, Thunder blocks help on AND off the court! The law firm of Phillips Murrah is donating $100 to the Thunder Cares Foundation for all of the Thunder's home-game blocked shots during the 2019-20 regular season. Here are some of the best blocks of the season!


Nerlens Erases Redick At The Rim
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Nerlens Erases Redick At The Rim
Dec 12, 2019  |  01:46

Drive Denied

Bazley blocks Quinn Cook 's floating jump shot
Dec 12, 2019  |  00:29

Rondo Rejection

Darius Bazley blocks Rajon Rondo's 3-foot two point shot
Dec 12, 2019  |  00:33

Nader Block = 3pts

Excellent block by Nader on the closeout
Nov 21, 2019  |  00:18

Nerlens Dominating The Court

Nerlens works both ends of the floor to tie the game
Nov 21, 2019  |  00:33

T Ferg Denies Giannis

Terrance with the defensive help
Nov 21, 2019  |  00:11

Nerlens Block Jahlil

Nerlens with the block from behind
Nov 21, 2019  |  00:17

Block, Alley-Oop, 2 Points!

Gallinari gets the block and Nerlens throws down the alley-oop.
Nov 4, 2019  |  00:27

A Block From Behind

Remarkable off the ball block from Nerlens.
Nov 4, 2019  |  00:26

No Plays Off

SGA with the monster block on Jordan Poole 's 3-foot driving layup.
Nov 4, 2019  |  00:24

Stopped At Th Rim

Nerlens plays hard to the final buzzer to get his 6th block of the game.
Nov 7, 2019  |  00:25

Rejection By Muscala

Muscala stays vertical to get the block under the rim.
Nov 7, 2019  |  00:29

Extra Hustle

Nerlens runs the floor to block Okafor from behind.
Nov 7, 2019  |  00:52

Nerlens Coming In Stong

Nerlens comes off the bench with a huge block.
Nov 7, 2019  |  00:38





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