JULY 1- 31

The Thunder Reading Challenge, presented by American Fidelity Assurance Company, is open to kindergarten through fifth-grade students and challenges young readers to develop good reading habits and a love of literature.

Students who read 20 minutes each day, or 600 minutes total for the month, will be entered to win a Thunder prize! In addition, one student in each grade level with the most overall minutes read will win a personalized Thunder jersey and more.


  1.   Sign your child up before the end of July and receive reminders from Rumble the Bison
  2.   Encourage your child to read 20 minutes each day, or 600 minutes total, for the month of July
  3.  Submit your reader’s information and reading log at the end of the month




"The Story of Rumble the Bison" (Available in English and Spanish)

To log your reading and for literacy resources to help get you started with the Thunder Reading Challenge, visit:


  1. How do I sign up for the Thunder Reading Challenge?
    Registration for the Thunder Reading Challenge is not required in advance. Parents should download the Thunder Reading Log at okcthunder.com/readingchallenge and use it to track the number of minutes your student reads at home each day throughout the challenge. At the end of the month, use the information from your student’s reading log to fill out and submit the online form found at okcthunder.com/readingchallenge.

  2. What are the start and end dates of the Thunder Reading Challenge?
    The Thunder Reading Challenge consists of three separate 30-day challenges. The first challenge runs from Nov. 1 –30, the second challenge runs from March 1 – 31 and the third runs from July 1 - 31. Students can count their minutes starting on the first of each month.

  3. When can I submit my student’s information?
    Your student’s information, including the total number of minutes they read for the month, can be submitted through the online form located at okcthunder.com/readingchallenge beginning Nov. 30 for the fall challenge, March 31 for the spring challenge or July 31 for the summer challenge.

  4. How do I know the Thunder received my submission form?
    When a form is successfully submitted, a window will appear on your computer, confirming the Thunder received your registration.

  5. How do I know if my student was selected to win a prize?
    A Thunder representative will reach out to you through the contact information provided in your submission form.

  6. If I missed the start date of the Thunder Reading Challenge, can I still participate?
    Yes, so long as your student has read 600 minutes total by the end of the Thunder Reading Challenge
  7. Can I participate in the Thunder Reading Challenge in the fall, spring and summer?
    Yes, you are welcome to participate in all three Thunder Reading Challenges to further develop good reading habits!

For questions, please contact Ann Butler at abutler@okcthunder.com,
or by phone: 405.208.4733.


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