Join Rumble the Bison for a season-long adventure exploring science, math and more! Join Rumble the Bison for a season-long adventure exploring science, math and more!

Activity #6: Bounce It Like Westbrook

Have you ever wondered why a basketball is made the way it is? What are the advantages of its shape, size, and make up? Why are soccer balls or baseballs so different from basketballs, and do these differences matter?

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Each month, four classes will be selected to win a $500 cash prize to support their classroom!


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  • Program is open to fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade classes in Oklahoma
  • Monthly activities are posted October through March; winners are announced the following month
  • Participation each month is encouraged, but not required

Activity #5: Heart Pounding Action

Have you ever wondered why you feel a thumping in your neck and other parts of your body while playing basketball? Have you ever felt this sensation even after the game was over? Let’s investigate and find out why.

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Activity #4: Which Side Are YOU On?

You probably know whether you’re right- or left-handed, but have you ever thought about whether you’re right- or left-footed? How could you find out? Try these experiments to see what you can discover!

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Activity #3: PASS THAT ION

Whether you are washing your gym socks or crushing your thirst with a citrusy drink, you use acids and bases every day. What exactly is an acid or a base? How do we recognize them?

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Activity #2: LOUD CITY SOUND

Thunder fans in Loud City are great at getting the noise and excitement levels way up! But what is sound exactly? What makes sound louder? Let’s do some experiments to see how sound waves work!

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Taking it to the Bank

Activity #1: What's Salt Got To Do With It?

You have probably experienced the sting of salty sweat getting in your eye after some exercise or a game of basketball. Maybe you tasted salty sweat as it ran down your face and onto your lips. What's salt got to do with us and our ability to play basketball?

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