Blue Alliance Chapter of the Month - Debra East

How did you get started as a Blue Alliance Captain?

I asked to be the captain of the Grove chapter, but I grew up in Miami. When I found out Grove already had a captain, I asked about Miami. Being a sports town, forever, I knew Miami would become a vital part of the Blue Alliance.

What got you hooked on the Thunder?

Honestly, I got hooked on the Hornets when they came to OKC after Hurricane Katrina. It was such a wonderful experience seeing the team surrounded by love and support from Oklahomans that I became an NBA fan for the first time. Before that, football was my sport. Growing up in Miami, the entire town was a football town, but it has changed. They LOVE the Thunder and so do I. It was a natural transition when the Hornets left and the Thunder came. We all needed a place to put our affection and they became the object. Of course, the way Kevin Durant conducts himself, especially the open respect he shows his mother, has melted this mom's heart.

How many members do you have in your Blue Alliance Chapter?


What’s been your favorite moment as a Blue Alliance Captain?

The fun interaction and connecting with my chapter through our Facebook page has been terrific. We have two chapter watch parties in the coming weeks and I'm really excited for those upcoming events, but my favorite moment is when we had the close game with the Nuggets on February 19. There were virtual high-fives all evening as we went on to beat them in overtime.

What’s your top goal for the next year in the Blue Alliance?

My personal goal is to grow the Miami chapter to be have the largest membership in Oklahoma. I'm still working on the plans to make that happen, but am confident in the outcome.

How many pieces of Thunder gear do you own?

Probably 20-30 shirts, hats, photos, souvenir items, etc.

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