STM Profile - Rob Shahan

I first became a Thunder fan when the team’s owner, Mr. Clay Bennett, proclaimed his famous words: “We did it!” and announced the Thunder was coming to Oklahoma City. My fandom has grown tremendously since that day and has spread to my teenage daughter Kennedy, my mother and my grandmother (who is 96 years old and never misses a game on television).

My daughter and I have a standing routine for each home game. During our drive to the arena, she wonders what the “Item of the Game” will be from the Thunder retail store and what the halftime act will be. She talks about what she’s going to eat at the game for dinner and what her second-half snack will be. During the drive home after the game, we listen to the postgame show on the radio and talk about what our favorite plays were during the game. We live in a fast-paced society these days, and it can be hard for some families to communicate or spend any quality time with each other. Thunder basketball has given my family something that we can enjoy together, and it gives us something we can use to bond with each other while bringing our family closer.

One of my favorite experiences as a Season Ticket Member would be from the Season Ticket Member Appreciation Party two years ago. Kennedy and I were singing karaoke when James Harden jumped on the stage and started singing with us! Last year, Kennedy and I practiced singing “I Gotta Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas for days and really rocked it out during the last Season Ticket Member Appreciation Party karaoke jam session!

My daughter and I attend almost every home game and watch every road game on television, no matter what. Road games on TV have become must-see TV for us! Last season we had the pleasure of rooting for the Thunder in Dallas and San Antonio during the playoffs. This upcoming season we already have our airfare booked to travel to New York to see our Thunder take on the Knicks in Madison Square Garden in March!

We love everything about the Thunder. We love the players, the coaches, the Thunder Girls, the staff, the game-day environment and, of course, Rumble the Bison. We love how the team is selfless, how they dive for loose balls and take charges down the lane. We love how they root for each other to succeed and are there for their teammates when they are struggling. We love how the team sticks together through thick and thin. We love how they help their teammates up from the floor after they have fallen down. We love how the team is incredibly involved in the local community and gives back to those needing a helping hand. We love their sense of the word team; they are together no matter what.

But I think the number-one reason we love the Thunder is the players’ sense of humility and humbleness. These players are world-class athletes that have wealth, but you would never know that if you ever met them. They are humble, respectful and carry themselves in an unassuming manner. They are role models to the community and terrific ambassadors for the state of Oklahoma! All those reasons make it incredibly easy to love the Thunder!