Thunder Expands Partnership with Recentive Analytics

Oklahoma City, Monday, Oct. 8, 2018 – The Oklahoma City Thunder today announced the expansion of their partnership with Recentive Analytics, an industry leader in artificial intelligence solutions for sports and live entertainment properties. Recentive’s platforms will provide the Thunder with a host of solutions that bolster business intelligence and empower sales and service initiatives. The expansion builds upon the commitment of providing predictive analytics around season tickets and game by game attendance.

“We have an enormous amount of confidence in Recentive’s advanced technology platforms,” said Scott Loft, Thunder Vice President of Ticket Sales, Retention and Database Operations. “Their artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities provide an incredible amount of intelligence that can be accessed to best serve the needs of our fans.”

The Thunder will use the forward-thinking approach led by Recentive to best prepare and create the most efficient fan experience for each Thunder fan. Recentive’s proprietary machine learning platforms process millions of data points in real-time to provide predictive intelligence across a dynamic sports landscape. The technology automates all data processing, ingestion and predictions to enable to the Thunder to focus on making smart decisions to enhance the overall Thunder Experience.

“We’re thrilled to expand our relationship with the Oklahoma City Thunder and to continue to provide them with our industry-leading artificial intelligence platforms,” said Andy Tabrizi, Recentive CEO. “The Thunder have always been a fan-centric, forward-thinking organization and we’re excited to help provide the best experience for the Thunder fans.”