Celebrating Steven Adams Day at Science Museum of Oklahoma

Typically, exploding pumpkins and albino Texas rat snakes steal the show at the Science Museum Oklahoma. Today, however, it was the 7-foot NBA player stealing the show as the white five-foot snake draped over his shoulders during Steven Adams Day at the science museum.

After winning the Community Assist Award last season, Steven Adams was back in the community for the start of the 2019-20 season. Patrons at the Science Museum of Oklahoma were treated with free admission with Adam’s donation from his award last season. They also got the chance to witness Adams in an array of science experiments.

“It’s fall break so it’s an exciting time anyway, but when you add Steven Adams to the mix, you get this beautiful special sauce of science and stars and basketball and excitement. It’s an energy that can’t even be described,” said Sherry Marshall, president and CEO of Science Museum Oklahoma.

“Obviously, I’m a fan of science, especially this place it’s just like a big playground. So it was good,” said Adams with a grin.

A big playground, indeed. Adams, was all smiles as he helped to make ‘elephant toothpaste’ gingerly combining chemicals to create a gas reaction that resulted in a colorful foam explosion.

“The fact that Steven really values science and the importance of it and the importance of education is just extra frosting on the cake,” said Marshall.