Thunder Hosts Special Shopping Trip

Jimmy Do

By Jimmy Do

Once the final beep from the register scanner sounded, shopping bags full of Thunder gear were handed off to staff of Citizens Caring for Children (CCC). Locating the right sizes for hoodies and t-shirts was the main mission of the day in shopping for OKC’s foster children.

Before Saturday’s anticipated grand opening of the new retail team shop at Penn Square Mall, CCC was on hand to help foster parents and group home staff bring a slice of the Thunder to the kids with an early access shopping preview on Thursday.

For CCC Director of Development and Communications Abby Werth, the long-term partnership with the Thunder was another unique opportunity to help girls and boys get ready for the school year.

"Children in foster care don't have a lot of the same opportunities as normal kids," said Werth. "By partnering with the Thunder, we can ensure our kids can feel normal, receive these cool items and see a little bit of brightness in their situation."

In lockstep of CCC serving as a critical resource for foster children, the Thunder strengthened its connection to the community by facilitating a special day.

"They do wonderful work supporting foster kids in Oklahoma providing clothing and hygiene items," said Christine Berney, Thunder vice president of community relations. "To get to add a little Thunder flair was fun for the foster families as well."

A glimpse of the brand-new Thunder Shop at Penn Square Mall complete with a fresh look for shoppers.

A new Thunder retail experience is set to open for fans on Saturday morning.

Youth Supervisor Jeffry Reed shops for 11 foster children:
"We're big Thunder fans so I know the kids will be excited when they see what I got for them."


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