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The HEAT Group | FTX Arena | 601 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33132 | (786) 777-1000


Managing General Partner
Chief Executive Officer

Basketball Operations Executives

Senior Vice President, Basketball Operations/General Manager
Vice President, Sports Media Relations
Senior Advisor of Basketball Operations/Basketball
Vice President, Player Programs
Vice President, Basketball Operations/Assistant General Manager
Vice President, Basketball Development & Analytics
Vice President/Executive Director, Miami HEAT Charitable Fund
Vice President, Team Security
David Holcombe

Basketball Operations Executive Staff

Executive Assistant to the President
Karen Merrill
Executive Assistant, Basketball Operations
Yvette Morrell

Basketball Coaching

Head Coach
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach
Assistant Coach
Caron Butler
Assistant Coach/Player Development
Player Development Coach
Shooting Coach/Player Development Coach
Director of Basketball Administration
Scott Gurka
Director of NBA Scouting/Advance Scout
Basketball Analyst
Bob Chaikin
Video Coordinator
Video Intern
Eli Kell-Abrams


Head Athletic Trainer
Assistant Athletic Trainer/Director of Rehabilitation
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Armando Rivas
Head Equipment Manager/Travel Coordinator
Neuromuscular Therapist
Director of Sports Nutrition
Betsy Berthin
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Strength & Conditioning Consultant
Equipment Intern
Ryan Powell

Team Physicians

Dr. Harlan Selesnick  
Dr. Allan Herskowitz  
Dr. Edward Neff  
Dr. Jim Losito  
Dr. Henry Trattler  
Dr. Marco Leyte-Vidal  
Dr. Michael Robinson  

Basketball Operations

Director of College & Pro Scouting/Assistant GM, Sioux Falls Skyforce
Senior Director of Player Programs
Director of Basketball Analytics and Performance Technology
Director of Player Personnel
Director of Basketball Operations
Scout/Community Liaison
Scout/Team Ambassador
Glen Rice
Bob Staak
Scouting Operations Assistant
Basketball Operations/Charitable Fund Assistant


General Manager
Assistant General Managers
Head Coach
Assistant Coaches
Director of Basketball Operations
Connor Erickson
Head Athletic Trainer
Ian Lackey
Head Strength & Conditioning Coach
Hunter Glascock
Director of Sports Media Relations
Matt Dykstra

Sports Media Relations Staff

Senior Director of Sports Media Relations
Director of Sports Media Relations
Sports Media Relations Senior Manager
Sports Media Relations/Basketball Operations Assistant

Business Operations Executives

President, Business Operations
Executive Vice President/CFO
Executive Vice President/CMO
Executive Vice President/Chief Legal Officer
Executive Vice President, Business Strategy
Executive Vice President, General Manager, AmericanAirlines Arena
Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer
Vice President, Human Resources
Vice President, Marketing
Vice President, Creative and Digital Marketing
Vice President, Assistant General Manager, AmericanAirlines Arena
Vice President, Ticket Operations and Strategic Planning
Vice President, Operations/Assistant General Manager, AmericanAirlines Arena
Vice President, Chief Service Officer
Vice President, Tickets & Premium Sales and Service
Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Glen Oskin III
Vice President, Retail Business & Development
Vice President, Business Communications and Social Responsibility
Vice President, Strategy & Data Analytics
Vice President, CTO, CISO
Drew Dorben
Vice President, Season Ticket Memberships
Kenneth Jones

Business Operations Executive Staff

Executive Assistant, Business Executive Office
Raquel Motola
Executive Assistant, Legal
Susan Greenwood
Executive Assistant, Arena & STM
Rocio Vasquez
Executive Assistant, Marketing
Olivia Hayden-Pless
Executive Assistant, Digital Strategy & Innovation
Luisa Elortegui
Manager of Administration and Events, Sales
Carene Grant-Strachan

Digital Marketing

Director of Digital Programs
Cedric Brown
Internet Services Web Developer
Angel Kurny
Internet Services Specialist
Christopher Pendas
Internet Services Translation Coordinator
Shuaihu Zhong
Internet Services Coordinator
Christina Carey
Interactive Marketing Content Manager
Kristen Figarola
Interactive Marketing Coordinator
Alex Granado
Interactive Marketing Specialist
Danielle Delgado
Mobile Content Manager
Payal Doshi


Human Resources Talent Acquisition Manager
John Cervera
Human Resources Recruiter, Arena
Bretzky Irizarry
Human Resources Recruitment Coordinator
Maday Rodriguez

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