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Welcome to the HEAT App. The official app of the Miami HEAT is where HEAT Nation can stay up to date on the hottest team in the NBA. Follow the team, access your mobile tickets, view exclusive content, shop our retail store and upgrade game experiences - all in one place.



The first time you tap Tickets, you will need to use the same email address associated with your Season Ticket Memberships Account or the email address used when purchasing or accepting transferred tickets. If you do not have HEAT tickets (or have not yet accepted a ticket transfer), you will not be able to log in.

Got a Parking Pass? Read This!

Please note that if you have a Parking Pass for Bayside Marketplace, P2 Parking Garage or the World Center, the pass will load like a ticket into the Tickets area on the HEAT App and you will scan your smartphone as you enter the garage.


The Miami HEAT Season Ticket Members are able to participate in an exclusive benefits & rewards program.


How To Earn Extra HEAT Rewards Points?



*Please Note:

This pass grants you access into the Bacardi Ocho Lounge. A valid game ticket is still needed to enter the Kaseya Center. Food and beverage not included.

To book a table reservation, please click here


Still Got Questions? Contact Your Rep or Email Us at mobile@heat.com and we'll be happy to help!

Mobile Only Entry FAQs


The Kaseya Center has adopted "mobile only entry." That means you won't need a paper ticket to enter the Kaseya Center any more. Instead, you'll use the Miami HEAT Mobile App - available for free in the app stores - to access your ticket. Scan or tap your mobile ticket at the gate and you're in!

Some tips on getting into the Kaseya Center with mobile tickets:

  1. Mobile tickets should be viewed on the device before proceeding through security gates.
  2. For easier entry and movement throughout the building, please transfer mobile tickets to each member of your party prior to arriving at the Kaseya Center.
  3. Mobile tickets cannot be transferred after they have been scanned at the gate.
  4. Screenshots & printouts will not be accepted for entry.

The Miami HEAT App is free on the App Store and Google Play Store.

First, open the Miami HEAT App. Tap the Menu button at the bottom of the screen, then tap Tickets. You will need to enter your Account Manager login or your Ticketmaster.com account login. This is the email address you used when you purchased or were transferred your tickets.

Once your account is connected, you can view, transfer, and resell tickets right from your phone.

From the Miami HEAT mobile app or ticket email, tap the Add to Apple Wallet button to add your ticket to Apple Wallet or Google Pay. When approaching the entrance/gate, tap on the notification, or open Wallet to access your ticket. After this, hold your smartphone near the ticket reader to scan into the Kaseya Center similar to how you pay using Apple Pay at the register. If you have multiple tickets, swipe left to find them, then hold near ticket reader.

Adopting mobile only entry is all about improving the fan experience at the Kaseya Center. Mobile only entry makes getting into the Kaseya Center seamless, simple, and fast. You'll be able to manage, access, transfer, and sell your tickets from your mobile device. Mobile only entry allows for contactless entry, control of your tickets from your phone, cuts down our carbon footprint, and reduces your risk when it comes to lost, stolen, or counterfeit tickets.

If you do not have a smartphone for any reason, you'll need to visit the Kaseya Center Ticket Office located next to Gate 4 on the north side of the Kaseya Center on game day. Please have a valid ID for the name on the account.

You can always access your tickets via your smartphone's browser.

If you are a Season Ticket Member, go to https://am.ticketmaster.com/heat/ and log in with your HEAT Account to access your mobile tickets.

If you purchased individual game tickets using the Ticketmaster website, go to https://www.ticketmaster.com, use your credentials to log in, and click on My Account.

If you do not have access to any kind of smartphone, please visit us at the Kaseya Center Ticket Office next to Gate 4 on game day. You will need to bring a valid ID with the name on the account.

If you are a HEAT Season Ticket Member, log into HEAT Account Manager at https://www.heat.com/managetickets. Click or tap on “Invoices” then click or tap on “Completed Invoices” to view all of your receipts.

If you are an individual game purchaser, you'll receive an email with your seat and pricing information when you purchase the tickets.

Our dedicated team of experts - the A-Team - are ready to help ensure that every ticketholder can enter the Kaseya Center as quickly as possible! The A-Team can assist with Mobile Entry, Ticketing, and answer your questions on the spot. They are located throughout the Kaseya Center and can be easily identified wearing a white A-Team polo.

The moving lines over your ticket's barcode is a security measure known as SafeTix, an enhancement to our mobile entry ticketing technology. Your mobile ticket contains an encrypted barcode that automatically refreshes every few seconds, making it impossible for screenshotted or photocopied tickets to be used at our venue. The moving line over the barcode also allows our staff to easily identify a valid ticket vs. a screenshot or photocopied ticket. This gives you the peace of mind knowing that your ticket is valid for entry.

Yes, your ticket is valid. Tickets that are added from the HEAT app to Apple Wallet or Google Pay will now include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that allows you to enter the Kaseya Center through a simple “tap” similar to how Apple Pay/Google Pay works. This technology provides a faster and more secure experience at the gates. This also means your ticket will not show a barcode when added to Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

To expedite entry, iPhone users are encouraged to add tickets to their Apple Wallet. Adding tickets to your Wallet provides for easier and more secure entry into the Kaseya Center. Ultimately, Apple Wallet makes your entry experience more convenient and quicker, minimizing the time spent waiting in lines.

Once your digital tickets are saved to your Apple Wallet, you can use your Apple Watch to access the tickets! Double-click the side button on your Watch to activate the Wallet. Next, hold the display of the Apple Watch with your tickets within a few centimeters of the ticket reader. Wait until you feel a gentle tap. The ticket reader will automatically detect your tickets in Wallet.

You can always access your tickets via your smartphone's browser.

If you are a Season Ticket Member, go to https://heat.com/managetickets and log in with your HEAT Account to access your mobile tickets.

If you purchased individual game tickets using the Ticketmaster website, go to https://www.ticketmaster.com, use your credentials to log in, and click on My Account.

If you do not have access to any kind of smartphone, please visit us at the Kaseya Center Ticket Office next to Gate 4 on game day. You will need to bring a valid ID with the name on the account.

We highly encourage fans to use the transfer option within the app before arriving to the Kaseya Center even if you are entering the building as a group. That way everyone has the flexibility of moving about the building while possessing their own ticket.

If you have young children that need to use the restroom and you are uncomfortable giving them your phone, our ushers and guest services staff will be sensitive to those situations and will happily help kids find their way back to their seats.

ENTRY INTO THE Kaseya Center

You can access and manage all your tickets as soon as you purchase them, or if you received a transfer, tickets are available as soon as you complete the acceptance process online. That means you can transfer and resell them at any time using the HEAT app or the web. Your tickets' barcode, which is required to enter the Kaseya Center, will be visible immediately.

Yes. Once you tap on the event tile, you will be able to swipe left and right through the available tickets. However, we highly recommend transferring your tickets to each person attending the game so everyone can come and go to their seats during the game.

No. Screenshots and printouts of tickets will not be accepted. HEAT tickets have SafeTix technology which automatically refreshes the barcodes every few seconds so it cannot be printed, screenshotted or copied.

Tickets display different colors and text descriptions that identify a ticket's Premium access. The face of your mobile ticket will be a different color, which will indicate your access type. Our staff is also trained to help you identify which access you may have.


If you bought the tickets for a friend or family member, you will need to transfer the tickets to them - which you can easily do through the Miami HEAT App. Once in the Tickets section, simply tap the game, select “Transfer Tickets” and enter the recipient's email address. You can also text the tickets to your friend(s). Please allow 15 minutes for the transfer to be completed. Once the transfer is complete, the recipient will receive an email notification. They will need to accept the transfer to allow the tickets to show up in their account. Note: They must tap on "accept the transfer" in order to access the tickets. They cannot accept the tickets by replying to the email.

Email: If you received an email, simply click on “accept the transfer” to accept and claim your tickets. You can do this either on your mobile phone or a desktop.
Text Message: If you received a text message just tap the link in the text to accept your tickets right from your mobile phone.

Yes. If they don't have one already, they will need to create a ticketing account before they can accept the offer. You can create an account here

As long as the recipient has not accepted the tickets, you can cancel a transfer and resend to the preferred email address. You can cancel a ticket transfer by either going to the Tickets section of the HEAT App or HEAT.com/managetickets, tapping on the game and cancel.

No. Although we recommend using the Miami HEAT App, your friend does not need to download it to access the tickets you transferred them. Your friend should refer to the email they received with the details about your tickets. They'll use their smartphone browser to log in with their email address and the tickets will be available on HEAT.com/managetickets.

Not to worry, your tickets have already been accepted! You can't accept the ticket transfer multiple times. You must access the HEAT App or HEAT.com/managetickets and login with the email address associated to the ticket transfer to access your tickets.

Transferring tickets allows you to securely send some or all of your tickets directly from your Ticketmaster account to other people. It also allows everyone in your group going to the event to have their own ticket in-hand. This makes for easier entry and movement throughout the building.


Yes! You can post your tickets for sale using the Miami HEAT App. We've created a handy step-by-step guide for posting your tickets using the App, available here

You can also post your tickets for sale from a desktop computer. You can do this by posting your tickets to Ticketmaster's secondary marketplace as usual by logging into HEAT Account Manager at https://am.ticketmaster.com/heat/ Click on the game you'd like to sell, click on "Sell Tickets," and follow the instructions.

Yes, but keep in mind that Ticketmaster's secondary market is the only 100% verified, 100% secure marketplace for HEAT tickets. If you still want to use another marketplace, you will need to contact that company for its specific policies regarding posting mobile tickets for sale.