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Unites States Flag

Life, Liberty, AND the Pursuit of Happiness


All are created equal

With Liberty and Justice for all

The premise of America, symbolized by our flag and represented by these words and phrases, is recognized and revered worldwide, however, the promise of America is not a reality for many of her citizens, due to racial inequalities, social injustice, inequitable treatment, gender bias, identity bias, income inequities and educational imbalances. We cannot move forward until all Americans can truly benefit from the ideals that comprise the promise of America. The Miami HEAT made a pledge to use our platform and to raise our voices to combat these societal issues and we feel that focusing on this symbol and these words and phrases that are deeply ingrained in the hearts and minds of all Americans, reminds us all that there is still much work to be done to achieve these uniquely American ideals. We'll be utilizing our platforms to continue the social justice conversation and to display these words and this symbol that are meant to represent all Americans and to re-emphasize that the American flag, and all that it represents, is a symbol that supports all of us, not just some of us.

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Rep what's right with Court Culture's Social Justice Collection: 5 tees featuring powerful messages promoting racial equality and social justice. 100% of the profits will be donated directly to organizations supporting the Black community, including YWCA of South Florida, Health in the Hood and the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition.

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As the battle against systemic racism and social injustice continues, we want to assure you that the Miami HEAT will not sit on the sidelines. We will not stand for hate, racism or police brutality, and will actively work with the Black community to not only bring about change, but embody change. Here's how you can take action.