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HEAT Social Responsibility: Mental Health

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Mindfulness Champions Initiative

The importance of mental health, eliminating the stigma surrounding it and providing the education to achieve a more resilient and healthier state of mind has never been a greater need in our society than it is today underscored by the recent pandemic and the affect that will remain with us long term. In an effort to address some of these needs as students and teachers return to school after an extended period of isolation and to further challenge other entities in our community to help join the effort and meet the mental health needs of those living in South Florida and beyond, the Miami HEAT alongside Florida Blue will be announcing and underwriting the costs of a unique program in collaboration with Miami-Dade County Public Schools - the Miami HEAT Mindfulness Champions Initiative (MCI). MCI has trained a total of 354 teachers in mindfulness and mental health education, one for every K-12 public school throughout the school district so they can in turn educate students and other faculty at their respective schools. The trainings which took place during the 2021-2022 school year, were conducted by Mindful Kids Miami.

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HEAT Mindfulness Sanctuary

In its ongoing effort to support mental health advocacy, the Miami HEAT, along with Florida Blue, will team up to create a HEAT Mindfulness Sanctuary in areas of need across South Florida. These sanctuaries will serve as a safe space where students and adults can mitigate the effects of stress in a calm and welcoming environment. These room will be outfitted with amenities and other resources that will mainly contribute to their overall mental wellness.