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Half Season Plans

Be in the building for 21 home games this season, including: • 4 marquee games • 20 regular season games • 1 preseason game

Red Plan

Minnesota Timberwolves Logo 10/04/22
Boston Celtics Logo 10/21/22
Toronto Raptors Logo 10/24/22
Charlotte Hornets Logo 11/10/22
Phoenix Suns Logo 11/14/22
Washington Wizards Logo 11/23/22
Detroit Pistons Logo 12/06/22
San Antonio Spurs Logo 12/10/22
Chicago Bulls Logo 12/20/22
Minnesota Timberwolves Logo 12/26/22
Los Angeles Lakers Logo 12/28/22
Oklahoma City Thunder Logo 01/10/23
Milwaukee Bucks Logo 01/12/23
Indiana Pacers Logo 02/08/23
Houston Rockets Logo 02/10/23
Atlanta Hawks Logo 03/04/23
Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 03/08/23
Utah Jazz Logo 03/13/23
New York Knicks Logo 03/22/23
Brooklyn Nets Logo 03/25/23
Orlando Magic Logo 04/09/23

Black Plan

Houston Rockets Logo 10/10/22
Chicago Bulls Logo 10/19/22
Toronto Raptors Logo 10/22/22
Golden State Warriors Logo 11/01/22
Sacramento Kings Logo 11/02/22
Portland Trail Blazers Logo 11/07/22
Charlotte Hornets Logo 11/12/22
Washington Wizards Logo 11/25/22
Los Angeles Clippers Logo 12/08/22
Indiana Pacers Logo 12/23/22
Brooklyn Nets Logo 01/08/23
Milwaukee Bucks Logo 01/14/23
Boston Celtics Logo 01/24/23
Orlando Magic Logo 01/27/23
Denver Nuggets Logo 02/13/23
Philadelphia 76ers Logo 03/01/23
New York Knicks Logo 03/03/23
Atlanta Hawks Logo 03/06/23
Cleveland Cavaliers Logo 03/10/23
Memphis Grizzlies Logo 03/15/23

Marquee Games

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