Iverson kissing his statue 4-12-24

Allen Iverson Sculpture Unveiling Ceremony at 76ers Legends Walk

The Philadelphia 76ers honored Allen Iverson on April 12, 2024 with a sculpture unveiling ceremony on Legends Walk at the Penn Medicine Philadelphia 76ers Training Complex.

Iverson, former NBA MVP and 11-time NBA All-Star, is regarded as one of the best scorers the NBA has ever seen.

Allen Iverson on his sculpture unveil ceremony:

"This is a moment that I'll never forget. I'll cherish this moment for the rest of my life."

On the Philadelphia fans:

"I love these people and they love me back. They honor the fact that I gave everything I had, night in and night out. And I loved the fact that they supported me through all these years."

On how he hopes his sculpture inspires those who walk by it at the Penn Medicine Philadelphia 76ers Training Complex:

"Just playing every game like it's your last. That was always my motto... If I'm on the court, there was no reason not to play that game like it was my last."

"I see the confidence level. The confidence in himself and knowing that he can do it. He put in the work to become the Tyrese Maxey that he is now. I love watching him play, I cheer for him - I'm always going to be a Sixer. That's who I am. I live this... When I'm rooting for them, it's a feeling as if I was still playing for us."

Former 76ers Head Coach Larry Brown:

"I'm a little older now. I walk through airports or go different places and people look at me - and they don't know my name - but they know 'You coached Allen.' And that really hits you.

"The impact he's had on our sport, on young kids, it's just amazing. Philly's different. The basketball culture here is second to none."

The 2023-24 76ers on Allen Iverson's impact:

"[Iverson] changed the culture. From the beginning, it's always been about just being the best, playing hard, and believing in yourself - from those early conversations when I got to Philly. He showed a lot of love, like he's always done to everybody."

"The things that he did - not just for Philadelphia, but for the entire Association - were amazing.

"He gave guys the freedom to wear what they want and do those things. He gave them the ability to do it and he gave them the confidence to do it."

"He just made everyone comfortable in their own skin."

"A.I. was one of my favorite players growing up. Did it his way in the league and was super successful at it."

"Just what he did for kids outside of the game of basketball, in terms of his swag. He presented himself like he only cared about how he felt and everything like that. He's not worried about everybody else's thoughts and opinions."

"I think it was just his demeanor, how he carried himself on the court. Not being afraid of anything. Having confidence in yourself, especially with his size and weight, and his height. Being able to finish among trees. Just being able to take the game by storm and be aggressive. His mindset... Just watching him growing up, he really meant a lot to me."