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The Story

The Philadelphia 76ers are a storied franchise with a proud tradition that connects to the rich history of our city. This 2021-22 season, we’re celebrating the NBA’s 75th anniversary by looking back on our team’s beloved home from 1967-1996, the Philadelphia Spectrum. Teams are shaped & remembered by the arenas they play in – rivalries are defined, iconic moments etched in memory. The spirit of the 76ers wouldn’t be what it is today without “America’s Showplace.”

Take a spin through time. Maybe you’re reliving past nostalgia or discovering an era you didn’t witness firsthand. The Philadelphia Spectrum was the place we rocked, shattered norms, and proclaimed our destiny. And as always, by looking back, we carry ourselves forward inspired by the reminder of how far we’ve come.

And now, legendary sportscaster and former play-by-play announcer for your Philadelphia 76ers, Marc Zumoff...

Behind the Design

76ers city edition jersey with 70's themed items around it

Celebrating the Past

The 2021-22 76ers City Edition uniform celebrates the NBA’s 75th Anniversary and our franchise’s storied history by honoring our beloved home from 1967-1996, the Philadelphia Spectrum. The front of the jersey features a variation of the art-deco style “Sixers” wordmark that the team wore in the mid-1970s in bold red with crisp white outline.

"4 for 4"

The Spectrum color panels run down both sides of the uniform and nod to Philadelphia’s “4 for 4” sports fans.A “4 for 4” fan supports all four major professional sports teams in Philadelphia.

back of joel embiid spectrum jersey


The numerals are derived from our 1976-77 uniforms and the overall Navy Blue base color is a fresh and prestigious look for the team that honors our legacy.

The Spectrum

spectrum patch on shorts

A custom Spectrum badge logo is adorned on the side of the short to pay homage to “America’s Showplace” the arena that housed so many great memories for the teams and fans through the era. The iconic Spectrum “S” is anchored on the belt.

brotherly love jersey patch

Brotherly Love

The “Brotherly Love” wordmark sits above the jersey jocktag, a salute to the long-standing bond between the Philadelphia 76ers, Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, Union, Big 5 basketball and their fans, making our city a sports town beyond compare.

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