How Do I Transfer Tickets on Ticketmaster?

How Do I Transfer Tickets on Ticketmaster?

1. To transfer tickets, log in to “Account Manager” using your email address and password, and select “My Events”.

2. Use the search bar to find specific events. Enter a month, day of the week, or event name to filter results.

3. Select the event to transfer tickets from, then select “Transfer tickets”.

4. Select which tickets to transfer, the click “Next”.

5. Any contacts who have previously been sent tickets will be displayed in the recipients list. Select or search for an existing recipient, or add a new recipient’s name and email address.

6. Once complete, click “Transfer”. A confirmation page will be displayed.

7. Click “Done”.

8. “Transferred Tickets” shows the name of the recipient along with the status of the ticket.

9. To reclaim the ticket before your recipient has claimed it, select “Cancel Transfer”, then confirm by selecting “Cancel Transfer”.

How Do I Accept Ticket Transfers on Ticketmaster?

1. When a recipient receives the email, and selects it, they are taken to the “Account Manager” sign-in page. Along the top are instructions for how to claim. If they do not have an account, they will need to create one.

2. Once signed in, the ticket details can be viewed and the ticket can be accepted.

3. The ticket is added to their account.

4. When an event is mobile ticket-enabled, a message will be displayed in the lightbox on the page instructing the fan or patron on how to access their ticket based on their device.

How Do I Transfer Tickets for Multiple Events on Ticketmaster?

1. Navigate to the “My Events” page, and select “Transfer”.

2. Select all the events to transfer tickets for and click “Next”.

3. Choose if the same seats for all events should be transferred, or select specific seats for each event. If the seats don’t match across all events, you’ll be prompted to select specific seats.

4. Select the seats for each event you wish to transfer. Once all the seats are selected, click “Next”.

5. Review your selected seats and select an existing recipient who has previously been sent tickets, or enter the name and email address for a new recipient, along with an optional message.

11. Click “Transfer”, and an email with a link is sent to the recipient to claim their tickets.