Story Behind the Shot | Good Weather, Good Laughs

There are plenty of ways to tell a story - by word, by mouth, by sight. With Story Behind the Shot, we wanted to take a blended approach - pictures plus first-person reflections. 

Check out the links a little farther down below for previous installments in the series.

We hope you enjoy!


Kyle O'Quinn

On chopping it up with the fellas following a practice in Los Angeles. 

"When I look at that photo, it says a lot. Obviously, whatever was being said and discussed was absolutely hilarious. The vibes were good - we were in LA, that good weather hitting your skin. It’s always a good time in LA and those warm places during the season. Whoever said the joke, if I had to guess it was probably Tobias showing us some meme, or Matisse saying some corny little bubble gum wrapper joke. Al was kinda there feeding off the energy. It was a really, really good time. It was a hard, hard laugh, because we were locked into our own little space, and really enjoying that time with each other. I guess you could say good weather, good laughs." 

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