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There are plenty of ways to tell a story - by word, by mouth, by sight. With this feature, Story Behind the Shot, we wanted to take a blended approach. 

Check out the links a little farther down below for previous installments in the series.

We hope you enjoy!


Furkan Korkmaz

On his November 2nd game-winning shot against the Portland Trail Blazers

"That photo gives me a lot of feelings, especially when I made that shot over Damian Lillard. It makes me feel so different when I see the bench reaction, coaches, players. I felt so great. I will say that it was one of the biggest moments I had with the Sixers, the organization, the fans. And it was the beginning of the season - it was really important for us. We were 5-0 after that game. It's all good moments. That's a great photo for me to make [that moment] unforgettable."

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