Smoke Free

Time Warner Cable Arena Smoke-Free FAQs

When will TWCA become smoke free?

March 18, 2015. From this date forward, smoking will not be allowed anywhere on the Time Warner Cable Arena property, including inside the building.  

Why is TWCA becoming smoke free? Who made this decision?

Since Time Warner Cable Arena is a city-owned building, it falls under the new smoke-free government grounds regulation. In October, an ordinance was adopted by the Mecklenburg County Board of Commissioners that bans smoking in county-, city- or town-owned buildings, vehicles and grounds in Mecklenburg County, the City of Charlotte and the six townships. With the building being city owned, Hornets sports & Entertainment must comply with this new county-wide policy. 

What is considered smoke-free?

Smoke-free means that smoking products such as cigarettes, cigars and pipes are not allowed in the building. The use of electronic cigarettes is also not allowed in Time Warner Cable Arena.

Will there be designated smoking areas allowed on the TWCA property?

No. There will be no designated smoking areas on the TWCA property. Designated smoking areas are no longer allowed by the county with these new regulations. The current smoking terraces within the building will no longer be available for smoking starting on March 18.

Is there anywhere on the TWCA property that I can smoke?

No. The county regulation includes the building and its grounds. 

Will I be able to leave the building to smoke and then be re-admitted to the event?

No. Once you leave the building during any event at Time Warner Cable Arena, you are not permitted back into the building.

How will these new regulations be enforced?

There will be signage within the building and in-arena mentions that will communicate the new policy. Those attendees violating the building’s smoke-free policy are subject to removal from the event.


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