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To build and maintain the premier franchise in the NBA and to manage a world class venue, with the best people, a winning culture and consistency in how we operate and compete both on and off the court.  We will measure our success by both wins and losses and the meaningful relationships we build within our community and with our fans and partners.

  • We will operate with honesty and with the highest moral standards
  • We will work with others in ways that build a foundation for trust, respect and mutual growth
  • We will communicate openly, honestly and sincerely at all times
  • Our communication will be authentic and respectful
  • We will work together to solve problems by exploring meaningful, opposing and even uncomfortable ideas and perspectives
  • We are committed to work collectively to achieve the HSE Vision and Goals
  • We will relentlessly communicate with each other and contribute to the projects, work and successes of others
  • We will develop a culture where individuals with diverse perspectives and experiences receive equitable treatment, feel valued and are enabled to contribute
  • We will hold ourselves responsible for our own and our team’s actions and results
  • We will accept that our actions impact everyone around us
  • We will raise expectations for ourselves and the team
  • No one will outwork us or have more drive to win
  • We will strive to be the best at everything we do 
  • We will adapt, recover and thrive in the face of challenges, setbacks or disruptions
  • We will not let short term complications deter us from our goals

HSE’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council seeks to provide educational opportunities and training for all team members and oversees the organization’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), employee-led groups whose members share common interests, experiences or backgrounds. Our six ERGs - Black Flight, H.A.P.P.I. (Hornets Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders), H.Y.P.E. (Hornets Young Professionals Entourage), Los Hornets, Pride Hive and She Fly - host events throughout the year for their members as well as educational activities for all HSE staff.

Through the Swarm to Serve initiative – which encompasses the important work done by HSE’s Corporate Social Responsibility department and the Charlotte Hornets Foundation – we are committed to inspiring a philanthropic culture and strengthening the Charlotte region through intentional partnerships, charitable giving, and social projects in the areas of Education, Hunger, Military and Wellness. Staff are highly encouraged to participate in various Swarm to Serve programs throughout the year. View our latest impact report here.

One of HSE’s main organizational goals is to Build Winning Teams – both on and off the court. To accomplish this, we are committed to recruiting, coaching and retaining talent. We offer best-in-class internships, training, leadership development and benefits, ranging from tuition reimbursement to summer hours. We strive to set an example for others by being a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace, and we aim to build trust with our employees – and the community – through frequent, open communication. Our employees are critical to our success, and we do everything we can to help ensure they can focus on our mission and key fundamentals.


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The Affordable Care Act and the Consolidated Appropriations Act  require “transparency in coverage” cost-sharing disclosures by most health plans. To this end, regulations issued jointly by the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, and the department of Health and Human Services require most health plans to disclose in-network provider negotiated rates, historical out-of-network allowed amounts for providers, and in-network negotiated rates and historical net prices for all covered prescription drugs at the pharmacy-location level. These disclosures must be made through three “machine-readable files” posted on a public internet website to help you to understand health care pricing. This link to BCBS website includes the required information.