We Promise To Create Spectacular Fun and Memories That Marvel

The service promise is much more than mere words or a nice idea. It truly reflects our commitment to provide our guests with the best customer service and experience.


Proactive service requires being observant, paying attention to detail and being “in the moment” to anticipate the needs of others.


Be inspired by an organization with employees who clearly have a great deal of passion for their customers.


Positivity is a vital pillar of our Service Promise (for colleagues and guests) and is crucial in our ability to enhance our culture, consistency and brand loyalty.

Problem Solving

We implement the LEAP (Listen, Empathize, Act, Produce) Strategy to solve problems in the most effective manner.


We take pride in where we work and in the work we do.



Located on the concourse outside section 107, the Novant Health Lactation Suite from Mamava is a self-contained, mobile pod with comfortable benches, a fold-down table, an electrical outlet for plugging in a breast pump and a door that can be locked for privacy.

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We want fans with sensory needs to enjoy their experience, so we now have sensory kits available at the Guest Experience Booths outside sections 102 and 208.

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In order to engage all of our fans in the building, our First Time Guest program celebrates first time fans that visit Spectrum Center.

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Are you celebrating something special while watching your Hornets play live at home?

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Guest Testimonials


WOW! What an unbelievable day you provided for CJ and his mom, Trisha. I felt honored to witness and be a small part of what you all did for them. I am struggling to put into words how grateful I am for what all of you did for that family. They desperately needed this day to smile and enjoy the game of basketball and what that can bring to our lives. Not only was that day tragic for them, but many days since have been very hard as well. Birthdays, Holiday’s, etc. Battles with insurance companies and list goes on. Trisha has so much on her plate with not only the death of her true love, but they were in the process of building a new house and will be moving into that next weekend. That has brought on many more challenges as well.

I am doing all I can to help, because I know Chevon would be doing the same thing if the roles were reversed. In fact, he and Trisha were right by my side when my wife battled an awful cancer a couple years ago. They are a wonderful family, with very big hearts. You all helped heal those hearts some yesterday.

As I told Melanie earlier, (she emailed me before I could! J sign of a wonderful person and great employee by the way!) please take a moment and thank yourself. You all made a difference in this world yesterday and it is important to take a time to reflect in moments like this, to recognize within yourself that you are making a difference in the world. No matter how big or small those you may think they are, they are always big to the ones on the receiving end.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for making Chevon’s last Christmas gift to his namesake a reality. Not only did you do that, you made an imprint on his life. And in doing that, it gave me to opportunity to a wonderful parenting moment to my son. It is not always about “you” and to an 11 year old, that is a hard message to understand.

Chase, my son, also asked me if you all really get to work for an NBA team for a living on the ride home. I could not help but smile and tell him you can do anything you want in this world, you just have to work for it and be nice to people.

We will be posting on social media very soon and tagging the @hornets. Please take a moment and smile for Chevon. He loved to make others happy, loved to smile and loved basketball.

Thank you again for making a difference in our community. My love for the Hornets grew even more yesterday.”

“I just wanted to extend a BIG THANK YOU to each of you for your notes to the Bradshaw couple who attended the game on Friday, March 8th. Also, HUGE props to any team members who assisted in making this a marvelous memory. The guests are personal friends of mine and were overwhelmed with the service and how special they felt! Background, they had trouble printing/accessing their tickets and told someone they interacted with it was their four-year anniversary of their first date at one of our games, coincidentally the Wizards. The surprises came all night after that for them. Thank you again!”

“Good Afternoon, We came to see the Hornets preseason Friday night. Six of us from Philadelphia...two moms and four 19 year old boys. I honestly in my whole life have not been in a place other than Disney that has such friendly people. You make everyone in the building smile, it’s contagious. Thank you for such a great visit. You should be amazed with every employee in the building.”

“Latesha was the friendliest, nicest, and most personable employee I have ever encountered at this Arena. She represents Spectrum Center beyond expectations. She was helpful, energetic, and a joy to be around. Accolades to Latesha!”

“Attended with wife who was 2 weeks postoperative....this happens when you buy tickets 1 year in advance. Toward the end show she started to experience severe cramping. The staff in section 113 were FANTASTIC in being responsive and helpful in making sure she as OK, alerting Novant to come and check, and assisting us out to Trade Street. A BIG THANKS to your staff! What a great example of the rest of your team.”

  • article-image: Spectrum Center Receives GBAC Star Facility Accreditation

    Spectrum Center Receives GBAC Star Facility Accreditation

    September 14, 2020 – Hornets Sports & Entertainment announced today that Spectrum Center has received the Global Biorisk Advisory Council’s (GBAC) STAR Facility Accreditation, becoming the first facility in North Carolina and the third NBA arena to achieve the standard.

  • article-image: Spectrum Center To Host 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Games

    Spectrum Center To Host 2024 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament Games

    October 14, 2020 – The NCAA Announced today that Spectrum Center in Charlotte, NC will host 2024 NCAA Men’s Tournament First and Second Round Games. This will be the first time Spectrum Center has been the site of tournament games since hosting the first two rounds in 2018 and will be the fifth time in the building’s history (previously 2008, 2011, 2015 and 2018).