Hornets Unveil Design of Classic Court To Be Used In 2018-19

August 7, 2018 – The Charlotte Hornets today unveiled the design of the classic court that the team will utilize for “Classic Night” games during the 2018-19 season when the franchise celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the inaugural 1988-89 Hornets season. The court is based on the design used at the Charlotte Coliseum from 1995-97 that features the classic Hornets logo at midcourt with a teal trail leading to the sideline, the free-throw lines as part of basketballs and a teal cell pattern within the free-throw lanes. The team used a similar design without the free-throw lane cell pattern from 1997-2002.

Both baselines feature the words “Charlotte Hornets” in the classic Hornets font, while the apron on the non-bench side says “Hornets” with a classic Hornets logo. Inside the three-point line on either end, the court displays the secondary 30th Anniversary logo, which consists of a white “30” inside a teal cell with the years “1988” and “2018” on either side. As they do on the team’s primary court, the Novant Health logo appears on the apron in front of each bench and the Spectrum Center logo appears between the three-point line and center court on each end of the floor.

“The classic court is another way we will incorporate the history of our team into our ‘Classic Night’ games during our 30th Anniversary season,” said Hornets President & Vice Chairman Fred Whitfield. “We wanted to have a classic court to go with our uniforms and the additional throwback elements of those games, and this court design was another instance of the Hornets doing something that was unique, trend-setting and memorable.”

The Hornets will play on the classic court a minimum of six times during the 2018-19 season for “Classic Night” games, which will celebrate the history of the franchise and feature music and game presentation elements designed to take fans back to the Charlotte Coliseum of the late 1980s and 1990s. The “Classic Night” games will honor some of the organization’s all-time great players and feature giveaways, including bobbleheads and T-shirts, that highlight some of the top players and moments in Hornets history.

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