Behind The Name – Bobcats

On June 11, 2003, it was announced that the 30th NBA franchise would be named the Charlotte Bobcats.

The Charlotte Bobcats logo depicts the spirit of the new franchise, illustrating the team’s aggressive hopes and aspirations. The logo draws on the distinctive ears of the cat, featuring the animal’s sleek profile as if poised for attack with ears drawn back and fangs displayed.

The cat profile and Bobcats word mark are retained within the outline of the logo, with the name Charlotte placed across the top. A robust orange, referred to as Bobcats Orange, fills the cat profile and is the primary color of the logo. A rich blue, referred to as Bobcats Blue, along with black and sliver, joins Bobcats Orange in making up the four colors of the new team’s identity.

“The Charlotte Bobcats team will be as athletic, fierce and hard-working as the bobcat itself,” noted owner Bob Johnson, who referred to the animal that is being used for the first time asthe name of a professional sports franchise. “No one wants to meet up with a bobcat in the woods, and that’s the feeling we intend to create on the court with our team’s new identity.”

Bobcats, indigenous to the Carolinas but infrequently seen because of their stealth and nocturnal habits, are fierce and swift. They attack with the aid of an expansive 10-foot leap, making them an ideal representative for Charlotte’s new NBA entry.