Fan Blog: Mo Gotti, No Problems

By John Hartman, Fan Blogger
Fan Blog 3/5/15

Hornets fan blogger John Hartman is a lifelong Charlotte basketball fan and current Swarm 365 team member. The opinions expressed here are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Hornets organization.

I know it’s early but the Mo Williams trade is quickly becoming the best trade in Hornets history in my opinion.  Mo “Gotti” Williams has seamlessly inserted himself into the starting lineup and as a result, the offense is running like a well-oiled machine.  Mo is averaging 22 points and nine assists since joining the Hornets.  Watching him play this past month reminded me how much I used to despise Mo when he played for the Cavaliers back in the day.  It was nothing personal, but the fact that he seemed to always go off against the Bobcats, pulling up from five feet outside the arc or in someone’s face without hesitation draining the 3, drove me crazy.  My despise for Mo ended the day we traded for him because I knew exactly what we were getting; well at least I thought I did.  I always expected Mo to score but what blows me away are his speed, control and ability to create for his teammates. 

Considering all he has done the past few weeks, I can’t help but wonder if Mo and Kemba can coexist in the backcourt.  A starting backcourt with two 6’1” guards screams defensive liability.  However, the team defense concept employed by the Hornets should be able to make up for the lack of size.  Play the passing lanes and trust the defense behind you. 

Mo Williams is the backcourt mate Kemba has needed for years.  Defenses tend to double Kemba when he drives leaving the two guard open on the perimeter.  The addition of Mo at what I assume will be the two guard will give defenses two options: 1) double Kemba and hope Mo misses the shot or 2) guard Mo and hope Kemba doesn’t shake his defender for a pull up 15 footer, an easy drive to the bucket or a dish to an open teammate. 

I like our chances in either scenario.  Welcome to “La Hornets Familia” Mo.


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