Malik Monk NBA Draft Transcripts

Monk Talks to Media in Charlotte and Brooklyn after Being Drafted


On his excitement to be with the Hornets:

“Super excited. Michael Jordan, that’s all I have to say, really. That’s how excited I am. They picked up Dwight Howard, got a lot of great pieces. Picked up a pretty good shooter, as in myself, so I think everything is falling in place at the right moment.”


On falling to the Hornets:

“I thought I was going to go the Knicks at first, but I was pretty surprised. Jordan called my agent and we got the word …”


On his fit with the team:

“I think I’m a great fit. Kemba [Walker] is one of the best guards in the league right now, and he’s one of the best guards at getting in the lane and he can pass the ball. So, whenever he can get in the lane I’m ready to knock down that shot whenever.”


On talking to Michael Jordan:

“It was Skype… it was him and all of them, the general managers and all that. It was me answering questions so they could get to know me and get comfortable with me.”


On being in awe talking to Michael Jordan:

“Yeah, for sure. You know I was.”


On his certainty of going in the top 10:

“I wasn’t that certain because you never know what’s going on in the draft. With trades and stuff like that I was just sitting back waiting for my moment.”


On the Knicks saying they were going to take him:

“They didn’t say that. They said they were interested in me though.”


On his mentality as a shooter:

“I really don’t even try to think about much. I have to have my feet, my hips and my elbow all in line, that’s really all I think about. When I know all of those are in the perfect line I know my shots going in.”


On his midrange strength:

“My midrange is better than my three-point [shot].”


On the league’s lack of focus on midrange shooting:

“That’s fine. I hope it gets lost so nobody will contest my jump shot. I can shoot the three pretty well, I’m going to try to utilize my pump fake for that and get to the midrange. Because I know if I get to the midrange I have a way high percentage of making that.”


On coming to Charlotte:

“I’ve rolled through there, came through the airport but I’ve never really visited and stayed a couple nights, so it will be fun to figure out everything.”

On his size:

“I mean… I got measured at 6-3, 6-3 and a quarter, 6-3. Height really doesn’t matter in this game right now, [there are] a lot of dogs out there. You always going to have to bring it when you step on the court, so that’s what I’m going to have to do.”


Q. Malik, can you start out with an opening statement about what you'll bring to the Hornets?

MALIK MONK: Oh, yeah. A winner. I'm a winner. Always trying to win. Do the best I can to win and knock down open shots, any shot I can get, all the clutch shots. I try to make the best, and I'm going to learn, learn from the vets and listen to the coach and try to be the best player and best listener and learner ever.


Q. You were drafted by the Hornets. They have a great scorer in Kemba Walker. You're also a great scorer. How excited are you to play with someone that scores the ball as well as Kemba Walker?

MALIK MONK: I'm just excited to play basketball, but being with him, too, I watched him a lot in college when he was with UConn and modeled some of my stuff after his game - I got the stepback from him. So I'm just thankful to be in this situation, and hopefully it'll work out good.


Q. Did you think the Knicks might take you at 8? And was it at all disappointing that you kind of fell to 11?

MALIK MONK: I actually thought the Knicks would take me, but nothing is disappointing about getting drafted. This has been my dream forever, and nobody ever from my town has ever been drafted, ever made it this far, so I'm just thankful to be here.


Q. Do you think this will give you a chip on your shoulder at the next level?

MALIK MONK: For sure. (Laughter).


Q. Why?

MALIK MONK: I can't tell my secrets.


Q. Malik, you go play next to Kemba, a team that desperately needs three-point shooting, Dwight Howard has already been on Twitter saying you're a great addition. How do you feel about kind of the environment you've just found yourself in?

MALIK MONK: Yeah, everybody is comfortable. Michael Jordan is the GOAT, and he's with Charlotte, and I'm going to learn a lot from him, and everybody -- like I said, everybody is comfortable. Kemba is comfortable because he's with my agency. I talked to him before, and everybody is comfortable, just like me. So I'm just ready to get to work.


Q. Is there an NBA player that you try to model your game off of?

MALIK MONK: When I was younger I watched a lot of Russell Westbrook, but I really don't model my game after anybody now.

Q. As you mentioned Michael Jordan is there. How exciting is it for you to be able to learn from the greatest player of all time who also plays your position, and how much do you think that will add to your game?

MALIK MONK: I still can't believe it right now. I still can't believe it. Maybe tomorrow I'll believe it. But I think he'll teach me a lot and I'll take an even bigger step each year. Each year I'm going to try to learn as much as I can from him.


Q. Do you have any goals or expectations for yourself in your rookie season?

MALIK MONK: Like I said, learn, learn a lot. But I'm trying to be Rookie of the Year, get to the Rookie Game and All-Star Weekend. It's a lot of goals I'm going to set.


Q. Your owner is still pretty competitive. Do you think he's going to challenge you to a one-on-one game when you get down there? And if so, are you going to do the political thing or are you going to try to beat him?

MALIK MONK: I'm going to beat him. (Laughter).