2020 NBA Finals Predictions

Will Lakers Star Power Take Down Upstart Heat?

By Sam Perley and Matt Rochinski

It’s time for the 2020 NBA Finals! It’s taken a bit longer for us to get here, but NBA fans everywhere are excited to see the 2020 NBA Finals tip off with a star-studded Los Angeles Lakers team ready to take on the underdog Miami Heat, who have done nothing but beat higher-seeded teams throughout the playoffs. So who will come out on top? Sam Perley and Matt Rochinski from hornets.com are back to give us their 2020 NBA Finals predictions. They both hit on the Lakers in the Conference Finals but missed on the Celtics advancing. Do you agree with their finals predictions? Let us know your thoughts on who you think is right on all of our social channels.


East No. 5 Miami Heat vs. West No. 1 Los Angeles Lakers

Sam: Los Angeles has the two best players in the series in LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who are averaging a combined 55.5 points, 19.6 rebounds and 12.5 assists in 15 playoff games so far (12-3). Miami has an overall deeper roster though and will cause challenges for the Lakers with its three-point shooting, bench and zone defense. In the end, star power comes out on top, leading Los Angeles to an emotional NBA record-tying 17 championship and first since 2010 - LAKERS IN 7

Matt: I admit it. I am torn. Go with the big-named, star-powered lineup led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis - the roster put together for this exact moment - or go with the underdog? The team that wasn’t supposed to make it this far but somehow missed the memo. I’m drawn to the bright lights of Los Angeles but I also hate reading these things when the writers agree. We did it last time and it burned us, so Im going with Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and the Miami Heat. They’ve knocked of a No. 4 (Indiana), No. 1 (Milwaukee) and No. 3 (Boston) seed on their way, have momentum and depth. They’re also playing loose and confident and will need to remain so with the pressure on if this is truly going to be their time - HEAT IN 7


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