Woman of the HEAT: Lauren Cochran

Senior Director, Interactive Media | Years at the HEAT: 6
by Miami HEAT

1. Can you tell us a little about your professional background prior to the HEAT? Prior to working for the HEAT, I spent seven seasons with the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL. With the Flyers, I started in sales and service working with season ticket holders and then moved into managing the organization’s digital properties.

2. Favorite moment with this organization. My favorite moment came about a week into arriving at the HEAT organization. My first week happened to be just before opening night in 2013, and the organization held a ceremony for all my co-workers to get their championship rings. The players greeted them in Championship Alley, and then they were called up by department to receive their rings. It was early on that I knew I was working for a first-class organization.

3. With the changing times, there are many more women in roles within the sports world. What are your thoughts on women in sports and how is the HEAT a leader in this area? I never really put much thought into this when I started out in sports because I came into the industry working for a really confident and intelligent woman boss. As I developed my own career in this industry and became more exposed to my peers across the industry, it became more apparent that females in leadership positions were a rarity. It’s really refreshing to look around the HEAT offices and see strong women leaders. I still think there is a lot of opportunity to continue this development of women leaders and hope to mentor those young women who have that ambition.

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