Thanking Our Frontline Heroes

Miami HEAT

Our heroes of today aren’t hitting game winning shots, standing on scorer’s tables or dropping 50 points.

They're getting up every morning, leaving their families and heading to the frontline to make sure our community continues to function. They're bagging groceries, re-stocking shelves, making deliveries and so much more.

In the most trying of times, they are our true stars.

Together with our friends at Lexus, Pollo Tropical and American Express we're recognizing those unsung heroes.

Thanks to the generosity of Lexus, we're turning the thousands of dollars raised from the Lexus Dunk for Dollars into over 1,000 American Express and Pollo Tropical gift cards and distributing them to frontline workers across South Florida.

Like us, Lexus is proud to put people first. Here's what the South Florida Lexus Dealers had to say:

“In these unprecedented times, it is important to be there for each other – whether it’s a voice on the other end of the phone or an act of support for our local community. At Lexus, we continue to do what we’ve always done: put people first. We are proud to partner with The HEAT in supporting those on the frontlines who make daily sacrifices for the greater good.”

The gift cards are being given out by our own HEAT front office staff as they go about their daily/weekly routine of picking up groceries, checking the mail, etc.

“Everywhere, people are showing appreciation for the vital work being done by everyone on the front lines,” said Michael McCullough, EVP/CMO of The HEAT Group. “We’ve seen it happen almost daily: rounds of applause, parades of honking cars, emotional celebrations saluting doctors and nurses; grocery store clerks and deliverymen and women; postal and sanitation workers. Giving them something—in this case Pollo Tropical and Amex gift cards—is a simple gesture to acknowledge their courage and commitment.”

Below are some of the images of the brave men and women keeping our community going.


Click here to see what our other partners are doing to help the South Florida community.



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