Wade: “The Jersey and the Colors Fit”

Photo Credit: Miami HEAT
by Joe Beguiristain

After the HEAT brought Dwyane Wade back home, both Wade and Erik Spoelstra spoke with the media on Friday to discuss The #R3TURN.

Coach Spo

On When He Found Out About The Possible Acquisition of Wade

“I went up to Pat’s office right before practice…just for a quick update and he said there’s a possibility that maybe something could happen with Luke and he said also there’s a possibility something could happen with Dwyane. And I was about ready to walk out the door and I said, ‘What? Dwyane who?’”

“My only response was, ‘Let’s go. Let’s do it.’”

On Being Able To Work With Wade Again

“I love Dwyane. Everybody knows how I feel about Dwyane. When you get to know somebody for that long. You know, he was a young rookie. I was basically a young assistant coach, and we got to see each other grow in this profession and in our personal lives for more than a decade.”

“To have to try to figure it out without him for the last year and a half, I think that perspective was good for me as a head coach. But then to have an opportunity to connect again, it’s just special.”

On What Wade Can Bring To The Team

“You’re adding a championship caliber proven talent to your team. When we say that it’s about winning, we feel really good about our basketball team. We always have incredibly high expectations, and this is a move that we feel that helps us with our ultimate goal.”


Dwyane Wade

On Being Back In Miami

“Today was my first day here, and I felt as comfortable today as since I left. So I’m definitely excited to be back, and the jersey and the colors fit.”

On What He Thinks Friday Night Will Be Like

“I definitely feel like it’s going to be a great environment. I’m excited for a lot of different reasons, but definitely the fan base that I grew up with, [and] they grew up with me. Just to be back in the environment, I’m excited for my teammates as well.”

On If His Heart and Mind Was Always With Miami

“My eyes and heart were always here. I said that from the beginning. That wasn’t going to go anywhere. I just had a different zip code and a different jersey on my body, but who I am in the core and deep down inside is always here.”

On How He Can Help The Team

“I just want to win, man. At this point, I want to come here and be a part of these guys…just to see, from afar, the development of Josh Richardson, to see Goran be an All-Star at this level, to know what Whiteside’s capable of, 20-20 nights,…I just want to be a part of that and bring what I can to this team.”