Catching Up With Josh Richardson

On Working Out At P3, Watching The World Cup, The Development Of Derrick Jones Jr. And The Heart Emojis He Sent To Wayne Ellington
Photo Credit: Issac Baldizon
by Joe Beguiristain

After a breakout 2017-18 campaign, Josh Richardson sat down with to discuss this past season, his summer and much more.

You were a monster on both ends of the floor last year and performed really well in the clutch (12.9 net rating in those situations). Outside of health, what do you think really contributed to that?

The clutch part [was] just my coaches really putting a lot of confidence in me. You know, I was in the game a lot [in] clutch situations, and [the coaches were] letting me grow because I wasn’t great in every clutch situation. Like I missed some big shots, like some game-tying shots, game-winners, and [that was] my first year really taking those. So I think I grew a lot from the misses and from the makes. It’s easy to take stuff from that, so really just coaches showing faith.

I know you go to P3 every summer, but did you do anything different at the facility this time around?

Not really. I think I just took a more mature approach to my workouts this summer and how I take care of my body. I think it started last summer, actually. But hopefully it’s just going to keep ascending.

Love the grind

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Did anyone join you out there?

I did a lot of stuff with Stanley Johnson from the Pistons. You know, we were in the same draft class. Orlando Johnson was out there. A lot of stuff was just Stan and I, though.

What things are you looking to improve heading into this season?

Creating. Being able to create off the dribble instead of just reacting all the time.

Your camp back home in Edmond looked really fun. Did anything funny happen there with a camper or was there a kid who really stood out?

There was this little girl. She was nine-years-old, and she had these little pigtails. She just kept following me doing the same dance the whole time.

Which one?

The Fortnite dance with the [moving around] arms. She was just cracking me up. She was just cracking jokes. She was the cutest little girl ever.

And [besides that], just the kids dancing on the court in the middle of the game because I had a DJ there playing music. So they would like have the ball in their hands and like start dancing with the ball and stuff. It was funny.

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Did you do any DJing while you were there?

Nah, I didn’t. I didn’t. I let the DJ handle it.

I saw you catching one of the Colombia games on your Instagram story. Where is the most lit place to catch a soccer game in Miami?

I’m not sure. For me, Wynwood Marketplace was insane, man. For the Colombia game, it was the most I saw the whole World Cup. I went to The Wharf when [David] Beckham had his little thing there for the England Watch Party. There were a lot of people there, but the Colombians were like way more excited [and] into the game. At The Wharf, it was kind of quieter, but there were too many people in there so I couldn’t even move.

Who were you pulling for in the World Cup?

Well, my friend’s family is Brazilian, so I was cheering for Brazil. Outside of that, I really like Belgium because I like Lukaku. And I was cheering for Germany before they didn’t put [Leroy] Sané on the squad, but when that happened I was over Germany.

I saw you were in Vegas for Summer League. What did you do in your free time out there?

Train and watch shows. I don’t gamble, so I wasn’t doing any of that.

You didn’t see any DJs or anything?

I actually missed my friend Kyle. He was out there DJing, and I missed him by a day. I would have went and hung out with him, but he was gone.

Speaking of DJing, how’s that been going?

It’s been alright. I haven’t been doing it too much lately. I need to get back on it. Hopefully I’ll get a gig somewhere before the summer is over. I got some offers, but I haven’t taken any yet.

Places in Miami?


I saw your tweet about Derrick Jones Jr. What were you thinking when you saw him just throwing down in Summer League?

The dunks are cool. Like he’s super athletic, but I just see him growing in every other aspect of the game.

Like his shooting has really improved, too.

And his motor has improved, man. Like from when he got here to now, his motor is like a new person. That’s the thing that I really like to see. That’s why I tweeted that. He’s taking control of the game, and he knows he’s got to grow, he’s got to get better, and it seems like he’s really matured.

How pumped were you when you saw that Wayne [Ellington] re-signed?

[Gasps] Ahhhhh, dude. It was like a giant – I wouldn't say monkey – but it was like a silverback gorilla was lifted off my back. I was worried because I thought he was going to go somewhere else because he had a great year. You know, when you got a guy on your team who you can run offense through at 24 feet away from the goal, that’s a luxury not a lot of teams have.

Did you text him after you found out?

Yeaaaah! Right after I found out.

What did you tell him?

It involved a lot of heart emojis, a lot of, ‘Man, I’m so glad you’re back’, a lot of, ‘I’m so excited to play this year again.’ It was a lot of stuff. I was excited. That’s my lockermate, too.

Have you ever beaten him in a three-point drill or contest in practice?

Yeah, I have. I beat him sometimes. He beats me more than I beat him, but I get him every now and then.

What are you plans for the rest of the summer?

Going back to P3. I’ll be out there for a few weeks. Hopefully, I want to go on a little vacation somewhere after that before I get all the way back locked in.

Any ideas?

I kind of want to go through Europe.

Cool. Do the D-Wade tour?

Not that. That’s a little different. [Chuckling]


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