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Tyler Herro is the Definition of Swag

Meet the man behind this Baby Goat video shoot - Franky Puentes

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When did you first realize your love for creating videos?

I picked up a camera at 16-years-old. My father gifted me a GoPro HERO 1. Ever since that, I started documenting family trips and would make mini recaps. I posted a few of my videos on Twitter and they began to pick up some serious engagement. I started to realize that I could really begin to make something out of this. Fast forward six years, and I’m now a director working on commercials, music videos, etc.

How’d the video concept with Tyler come to life?

Tyler and I spoke on Instagram about doing a creative video concept. We chatted back and forth and bounced ideas for a while before we actually made it happen. I pitched him the idea of doing a shoot at a local court using the song “I Wish” by Skee-Lo. He loved it. Later on, I came up with the concept of making it seem like he was in a video game. Once it was all pieced together, it really came to life.

"Shoutout to everyone doubting me." - Tyler Herro

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