Things You May Not Know: Feat. Duncan Robinson

Hey Duncan! Who would be your dream podcast guest?

Good question. The Long Shot is in the basketball space, so a lot of our fans are basketball people. I’d probably have to say Steph Curry. Or Jimmy! Honestly, I’ve been trying to get Jimmy. Our fan base really wants Jimmy. We’ll get there, he’s like an onion you have to break through some of those layers.

How’s it been working with JJ Redick?

JJ’s been great. He’s been a huge mentor to me basketball wise and off the court as well. He’s someone I grew up idolizing and now to be able to call him a friend and mentor is pretty special.

What has building up a podcast taught you about business?

My biggest takeaway has been scheduling professional athletes.

So now you understand how we feel…

[Laughs] I definitely have a TON more empathy when people reach out to me because I can now feel your pain. Trying to schedule us is a nightmare.

If there’s one thing someone doesn’t know about you, what would that be?

This is always my go-to, but I’m part Hawaiian on my mom’s side.

What! That’s awesome. Have you been back to Hawaii at all?

I’ve been back my senior year. We played in the Maui Invitational. I thought it was going to be a special tournament in my “homeland,” but we didn’t end up winning the tournament.

Do you have any family there?

No, this is distant. It’s very far removed. But I hold onto my Hawaiian background with pride.

Tell me you rock our ViceVersa Hawaiian style shirt? [This one]

I have that. Yes, of course.