Rubik’s Cube Wizard Builds Insane Portraits Using Just the Cubes

Brain Kobasa creates ultrarealistic art pieces using only one thing…Rubik’s Cubes!

How did you first start using Rubik's Cubes to create portraits?

I have been solving Rubik's Cubes for years. I bought this giant 13x13x13 cube and started making little designs with it until a friend suggested I buy a whole bunch of cubes instead and try to make a large piece of art!

How long did it take to create the Tyler and Jimmy pieces?

Each of my portraits takes about four hours to design on the computer and then an additional four hours to build.

How many cubes did it take?

Jimmy was 713 cubes, Tyler was 782 cubes and the Miami HEAT Logo was 169 Cubes.

Are you able to solve a Rubik’s Cube? If so, how fast?

Yes! When I was practicing for speedcubing, my fastest recorded time was 21 seconds, but these days I'm around 30 seconds.

Favorite portrait you’ve created to date.

For a yoga event, I did one of Ganesha. It was the longest I’ve ever spent on design (over five hours), but to me was the most intricate design I’ve ever made and visually my favorite. Some other exciting ones I’ve made have been the Tyler Herro because he reached out and chatted with me, the Joel Embiid because ESPN reposted it (making it the first viral portrait), and finally, the portrait I did of Mos Def for a Black Star concert!

Check out all of Brian’s portraits here!


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