Pat Riley: “I’m All About Now”

Pat Riley
Photo Credit: Issac Baldizon
by Joe Beguiristain

On Friday afternoon, HEAT President Pat Riley spoke to the media on a conference call about acquiring Andre Iguodala, Jae Crowder and Solomon Hill, his outlook for the future and more.

Check out some notable quotes below.

On Why He Coveted Iguodala

“[When] doing background stuff on a guy that’s been a world champion and a great player, but he hasn’t played in seven months, you just got to try to do as much homework as you can on that part of it, and then you hope for the best. And what we got back from all the people that we had talked to, or even from our analytic department here, is that…he’s elite. He’s an elite defender, an elite team defender, he’s an elite assist-to-turnover percentage [player]. He ranks up in the top of those areas that are real tangible, and so, you don’t lose that in seven months.”

“I think he weighed in at 218 and six percent [body fat], so he’s in shape. He’s definitely going to have to get his basketball legs under him, but we’re confident that he’s healthy, he’s excited and that he can really help us. And that’s why we went after him.”

On How Iguodala Will Improve The Defense

“We know that Andre is an elite defender on the ball, one through four, and he’s a smart defender…he’s been part of one of the best defenses with Golden State…he’s a winner, and he’s a pro. I think he’ll be great with Udonis and Jimmy in the locker room with guys and help educate and teach guys to get to the next level. He’s that kind of guy.”

On Having To Trade James Johnson & Dion Waiters

“They had some great moments and some great years for us…the fact that we could replace both of them…getting back Jae Crowder and getting back Solomon Hill. I think those guys, this year, can help us…I wish JJ and Dion the very best…they’re good people…I believe this might free them to get to an area where they can play.”

On Also Having To Part Ways With Justise Winslow

“It was the most difficult part. It really was. It just was a very, very difficult thing for us to come to grips with because he’s a young player…we’re going to miss him. And the Memphis Grizzlies got a great young player going to their organization of young guys…we wish him nothing but the best. I’m glad he’s in the Western Conference, too, so I don’t have to play against him.”

On His Outlook For The Team Moving Forward

“I’m all about now. And we’re going to press on. We’re not going to stop. We are committed to winning and getting back into contending for a world championship. And I just say to you, we will. We will get players and get what we need in the next year or two that’s not going to waste Jimmy Butler’s years and try to do the best we can.”


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