Meyers Leonard & Goran Dragić Happy To Be Back

Goran Dragić, Meyers Leonard
Photo Credit: Fernando Medina
by Joe Beguiristain

Fresh off signing their new deals, both Meyers Leonard and Goran Dragić spoke to the media on Monday afternoon via Zoom about returning to the HEAT, the team’s new additions and more.

Check out some notable quotes below.


On deciding to come back and striking a deal with the HEAT

“I felt an immediate connection when I got to Miami…ultimately I knew in my heart that I wanted to come back to Miami…as a man and as a player. First of all, it felt like there was unfinished business for our team and for me because, obviously, going through the ankle injury was not easy, and I feel like I could have helped in many different ways.”

“I love the city. My wife and I, particularly my wife, loves the sunshine. Again, just the cultural fit, what they stand for on and off the floor and also my teammates too…I am thankful that, clearly, they saw value in me. And also, the fact that I can just be myself as a man and as a player, that’s the most freeing feeling there is…I’m going to do my damn best to help the Miami HEAT win basketball games, and that’s all I care about.”

On Moe Harkless & Avery Bradley

“I played with Moe Harkless in Portland. [He’s a] great guy, great teammate, always has a smile on his face, versatile, long, athletic, good defender, good hands, can knock down a three, good at playing along the baseline and finishing at the rim. And then, obviously, when I was with Dame [Lillard] and CJ [McCollum] in Portland, I saw Avery Bradley give them trouble. And that’s hard for an individual to do. Dame and CJ are very talented players, and he always seemed to be an incredible, incredible on-ball defender. He’s a competitor, and his name carries weight in this league, so it’s clear that he’ll be able to help us as well.”

On what he’s been working on this offseason

“I’ve been working on a few different things in L.A., working on getting my shot off quicker and just a few other things…just becoming a more well-rounded player.”


On deciding to come back and striking a deal with the HEAT

“When free agency hit, we pretty much made our quick deal with the Miami HEAT. I already knew, and my family, they all wanted to come back. So, I was really happy that they wanted me too. And here we are now really excited. And when I saw those billboards back home in Slovenia, I was really emotional, and I knew this is the right place to be, this is my home, and I’m happy to be back.”

On Moe Harkless & Avery Bradley

“Those two guys are really talented. I had a chance to play against them, and both those guys, they guarded me, so I know how tough they are on defense, and they can shoot the ball, so they’re a great addition to this team. I’m looking forward to playing with them.”

On Precious Achiuwa

“He’s an awesome player. Really excited to have him on this team, he’s young, he’s really athletic, and he’s going to be a big piece of this team. Of course, me, UD [Udonis Haslem] and all the veteran guys, Jimmy [Butler], we’re here to help him and try to [get him acclimated] with the team as fast as possible.”

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