Tyler Herro and Caleb Martin At Baha Mar

Quotables From Baha Mar: The Miami HEAT Enjoy Six Days In Paradise

Jimmy Butler
“It’s special. So many good people here that I’ve been able to now call my family and my friends. Seriously. I’m here all the time, I love it here, I love these people here, I’m so glad the Miami HEAT, this organization and these players get to be around these wonderful people.”

Tyler Herro
“The Bahamas is home to us. We love it here. We came here just before the playoffs and we’re back now. It’s a short flight so we’ll probably be back soon. Thank you to everyone in the Bahamas for having us.”

Erik Spoelstra
“We just love it. We love having the opportunity to come here and start our season, start our long journey but do it in a different environment where we can just get away and spend a lot of time with each other. We all love the Bahamas. We’re either doing this during the season or in the offseason we all come down at some point.”

Udonis Haslem
“It forces that bond. That connection. We’re big on that here. One of the pillars of our team is enjoying each other’s success, and in order to genuinely do that you have to get to know the other guys. After practice, recovery we’re spending together, lunch we’re spending together, even our free time we’re hanging out, those things build our relationships going into the season.

“They always show love over here. I appreciate it. Our fanbase just continues to grow over here. These young guys get the chance to come over here, but I come over here a lot. I like to come spend time at the dock and go to McKenzie’s and hang out with the people. We really have a lot of HEAT fans over here, so I’m glad our guys get a chance to come over here and experience some of that love.”

Bam Adebayo
“The Bahamians, man. That’s the difference [here]. It’s off-site. Different scenery, different vibes. Giving guys a different opportunity to get a change of pace. You got a different room. We haven’t done something like this since the bubble. This is a good experience for them and all of us.”