Black-Owned Business Spotlight: Clive's Cafe

Located in the heart of Little Haiti, Clive’s Cafe brings amazing Jamaican flavor and flare to the 305. We sat down with owner Norman Murray to talk about his South Florida gem.

How did Clive’s Cafe first come to be? 
That’s a long story. It started in Jamaica and then to Miami with my mom and my aunt back in 1975. They had a spot in Wynwood between 8th street and North Miami Avenue at the time. When they first started, they were serving up more Latin food because the place they purchased was originally Latin cuisine. It wasn’t until they started getting a few island customers from Jamaica which led them into testing out more Jamaican dishes into their menu. Shortly after, Clive’s Cafe was born.

In 2004, I came in and decided to open a second location in Little Haiti. When the boom of Wynwood started to happen, my mom, my aunt, and I decided to bring everything to one location. It’s still the same old, homestyle cooking that everyone knows and loves. Everything is made in-house, even down to the seasoning and the sauces!

An awesome family business! Where did the name “Clive’s” come from? 
My brother. When we were on 8th street, he used to deliver the food to all the old-school warehouses down there and we decided to call it Clive’s.

What type of food do you specialize in serving? 
Caribbean food, a.k.a. Jamaican. Our top sellers would be our world-famous jerk chicken, oxtail, and seafood. Lots of seafood! We have a jerk chicken pasta right now that’s incredible. Our curry goat is also a fan favorite.

Cue the mouthwatering. What is something you’re most proud of about your business?
That we’re able to help the community out and show our talents and our culture to the world through the restaurant.

How important is it for you to represent your culture in South Florida? 
Everyone goes to Jamaica for whatever reason they go for. It might be the music, the good food, the beautiful waters, or the fresh air. Our culture is a happy culture. We just like to party and have fun. I’m blessed I get to bring that and delicious Jamaican food to Miami.   

How has Clive’s Cafe been able to help the local community? 
Giving employment is a big one. Also, during holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and even during Back-to-School time, I’ve been able to donate food to the community.

That’s amazing. Has there ever been a piece of advice that someone gave you that has stuck with you to this day?
I was always raised in a household of entrepreneurs. My family is made up of a ton of different businesses, anything from roofing, plumbing, electrical, and even working on airplanes. I didn’t really have a word of advice I just had a lot of role models. My thing was just to get up and do something.

Being a local Black-owned business, what are words of wisdom you can pass along to others looking to start their own businesses?
Never give up!