A Conversation with K-Nunn about Mental Performance

A Q&A about the importance of mental health with Kendrick Nunn.

Being physical in the NBA is a must. How important is it for you to focus on your mental performance as well?

The mental aspect of the game is very important. I’m going to give you a quote that Udonis usually tells us. He says, “Bring your mind, and your body will follow.” He talks about how to bring mental focus to the game, lock in and observe important details. Mental health is something that may be overlooked at times for some players, but for me, it’s huge. I pride myself on being mentally locked in and bringing that focus every day, whether that’s at practice or a walk-through and definitely in the game. Mental health is on the top of my list for preparation to be able to perform.

What are some ways you practice mental strength?

I definitely try to get some meditation in. When I wake up in the morning, I’ll try to get a quick three-to-five-minute stretch of it, sitting down to focus on my entire day. I’ll look at what I’m planning on doing throughout the day and how I want my attitude to be towards it.

Anything pregame to help get your mind focused?

I go through personnel and lock in on them mentally, remembering the players on the floor and what their tendencies are. That’s a mental game I prepare for before the actual game.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s looking to improve their mental performance?

I would say to try meditation. Even if it’s three to five minutes a day. Doesn’t have to be too long. Try to bring awareness to your day and look at what you want to do and how you’re going to do it. Lock in internally. Close your eyes and visualize. I think that can be a good first step for someone who wants to improve mentally.


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