HEAT Dancer Blog: My Passion - Angie

Dancing has been a part of my life since the early age of two. Growing up in the dance world has helped me to express myself, given me confidence and has challenged me to excel and stand out. I have always danced competitively and have been fortunate enough to have many beautiful and exciting experiences along the way. One of which led me to become a Miami HEAT Dancer.

Besides having such a love for dance, I have always felt the desire to be in the medical field because I love to help people. That is what led me to study physical therapy. Initially when I started college I wanted to major in the field of dance. However, after encountering an injury while dancing which required physical therapy, I realized how important it is for dancers to take care of their bodies. It was very difficult for me to not have dance during that recovery period of time. This is when I really started to appreciate the field as it gave me the desire to pursue physical therapy as a future career and specialize on dancers.

Being a Miami HEAT Dancer has been very rewarding. Not only because I get to do what I love, but I also get to support my hometown basketball team while getting the chance to work with our community on a daily basis. Having the opportunity to be a Miami HEAT Dancer while studying is what keeps me inspired, active and enjoying what I am most passionate about!