Get Fit With The Pros: Foam Rolling, Squats and Stir the Pot

Eric Foran, Director of Strength and Conditioning, takes you through player exercises

Foam Roller

Using a foam roller is like a self massage to loosen up tight and overactive muscles. Commonly tight areas are hamstrings, quads, IT Band, calves, and low back.

Eric Foran Foam RollerEric Foran Foam RollerEric Foran Foam Roller


Squats are one of the best exercises a basketball player can do. Squatting with great technique will develop lower body strength and help improve running and jumping power as well as reduce the risk of injury on the court.

Eric Foran SquatEric Foran Squat

Stir the Pot

Stir the Pot is a great exercise once you are proficient at planks. The movement and unstable surface take planks to the next level and get the abdominal and core musculature working.

Eric Foran Stir the potEric Foran Stir the potEric Foran Stir the pot