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Savannah's I PROMISE Makeover

Savannah's I PROMISE Makeover

On April 3, 50 pre-selected at-risk high school senior girls from local Miami public schools had the opportunity of a lifetime to participate in Savannah Brinson’s first-ever Savannah’s I PROMISE Makeover.

Held at AmericanAirlines Arena, the inaugural event provided the young women with a prom dress of their choice and assorted accessories for their upcoming senior proms. Brinson, the fiancée of NBA All-Star LeBron James, established the event as a way to empower and inspire young women and assist those that may not have the means to prepare for prom on their own. The 50 participants were selected with the assistance of Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program, a South Florida organization that connects young women to life changing mentoring and scholarship opportunities.

“Those four years of high school are such a formidable time in young ladies’ lives, I wanted to do something to not only make them feel special, but to also give them confidence and encouragement to continue being the strong, smart young women they are,” said Brinson. “This event allows me to really connect, empower, and celebrate girls who are about to embark on new life experiences. I just always want to cheerlead young girls into that next phase. The event also lets me share my passion for fashion and commitment to living a healthy lifestyle with them.”

Brinson hosted a similar event for young women in Akron, Ohio on April 9.

About Savannah Brinson & Savannah’s I PROMISE Makeover Savannah Brinson is very active in the LeBron James Family Foundation (LJFF) and its efforts to empower children and single-parent households through innovative programs by strengthening ties between family members, and building hope through education, physical fitness and better health for those dealing with adversity. Her commitment to the local Ohio and Miami communities is also the inspiration for her I PROMISE Makeover event, which she hopes to grow into an annual event benefitting underprivileged young women. If you or someone you know is interested in contributing new or gently used dresses for future Savannah’s I PROMISE Makeover events, please send them to the LRMR Offices at 3800 Embassy Parkway, Suite 360, Akron OH, 44333.

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