HEAT Glades Sweep 2020

Derrick Jones Jr at the Miami HEAT Glades Sweep

The Miami HEAT took its green initiatives once again to the Florida Everglades by hosting the HEAT Glades Sweeps presented by Miccosukee Resort & Gaming. HEAT Glades Sweep aims to not only improve this critically significant ecosystem, but help bring awareness to the importance of restoration of the Everglades ecosystems and the threats it faces, along with the fact that the South Florida population relies on the Florida Everglades for fresh water, flood control and many of our favorite recreational activities. Faculty, staff and students from the Florida International University College of Arts, Sciences & Education conducted learning labs at the Miccosukee Indian School to educate their students and 5th Grade students from the Riverside Elementary HEAT Academy program. The topics touched on environmental science and consisted of interactive hands-on activities related to STEM Education. Each participating student received a “passport” that was stamped after visiting each classroom, highlighting the research and activities of FIU labs and student groups.

Chris Silva at the Miami HEAT Glades Sweep

HEAT Players, Derrick Jones Jr. and Chris Silva, HEAT Legend, Glen rice and HEAT front office staff worked together with the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida and the Florida International University College of Arts, Sciences & Education to complete a variety of activities on Miccosukee Indian School grounds, which included:

  • Preparing an irrigation system for three large raised garden beds in the outdoor space at the Miccosukee Indian School
  • Planting native host and nectar plants for butterflies, bees and birds in various areas of the school
  • Installing of solar lighting for umbrella chickees
  • Building 100% maintenance free vinyl benches
  • Decorating terracotta clay planters
  • Mural painting installation by local artist, Rei Ramirez, inside of Miccosukee Indian School
  • Removal of invasive species of plants near Miccosukee Indian School garden beds
Miami HEAT Glades Sweep

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