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By The Numbers: The Bucks Are Way Ahead

by Alex Boeder Writer

Yesterday the Bucks clinched a playoff spot earlier (February 23rd) than any team in recent NBA history. Here are 10 numbers that put their wins and losses dominance in some more perspective:

70. The Bucks are on pace to win 70 games, based on their current record. (You never know, but that is their current pace.)

42–1. The Raptors have won 17 of their last 18 games. If they follow this up by winning all 25 of their remaining games, they would end the season on a 42–1 run. That would give them a 67–15 record, which goes to show how incredibly difficult it is to reach 70 wins.

2. The Bucks currently have twice as many wins (48) as the Magic (24). As it stands, the Magic are eighth in the East, meaning they currently match up in the first round playoff bracket.

8. The Bucks started their regular season exactly four months ago (on October 24). They have exactly eight losses. Meaning they have averaged exactly two losses per month. And in fact, they have not lost more than two games in any single month this season (October, November, December, January, or February).

48. Before Giannis, the Bucks won more than 48 games once in the previous 24 seasons. They have 48 wins with 26 games to go.

26. The Bucks have as many or more home wins (26) as more than half of the teams in the league (16) have total wins.

35–1. They are 35–1 against below-.500 teams, best in the league. They are 13–7 against teams .500 or better, also best in the league.

1. Their season-high losing streak remains one.

3. They have played the fewest close games (games within three points) of any team in the league. They are 2–1 in those games. Refer to the point below regarding why they never play close games.

33. They have won 33 games by double-digits. That is, fittingly, 10 more than any other team (Clippers with 23).


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