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The Bucks have become one of the best teams in the league and Fiserv Forum is one of the jewels of the NBA. With most games selling out a Season Membership is the best way to guarantee your seats while enjoying significant member savings and experiencing unique benefits all year round. Don't miss your chance to join the team and be a part of something SPECIAL.

Payment Options

Monthly Installments*

Maximum Flexibility

  • Secure your seats in the new arena with stress-free auto-payment
    • Your 2019-20 membership investment will be spread in equal monthly payments
    • Payments start upon agreement and are spread evenly through December 2019

Convenient & Interest Free

  • Credit card on file will be automatically charged each month just like a subscription. No interest accrued.
Pay In Full**

Quick & Easy

  • Pay your 2019-20 membership full investment balance upon agreement

*Multi-year agreements: subsequent season’s investment payment will begin with automatic charge on January 15th (i.e. 2020-21 season 1st payment will commence on JAN-15, 2020) with equal monthly installments being spread evenly through December of the same calendar year.
**Multi-year agreements: subsequent season’s investment payment will be charged in-full on January 15th (i.e. 2020-21 season full payment will take place on JAN-15, 2020)

Multi-Year Options

Multi-Year Options = More Savings!

By securing your seats with a two (2), three (3) year deal, you will get the most out of your Full Season Membership and ensure the lowest possible pricing for each year after 2019-20 season for the length of your term.*

  • Two-year investment = 5% max-increase each season after 2019-20**
  • Three-year investment = 3% max-increase each season after 2019-20***

If pricing to the general public (new members) ever increases above your respective max-increase, you don’t have to worry, you still get the best deal! Even if pricing increases by a lower percentage than what you’ve secured, we’ll honor it – truly making this the best, and only way, to ensure you are receiving the lowest possible membership investment for years to come!

*Subject to availability, limited inventory will be available within each general area of the arena. Each subsequent season’s price will be based on the product of the max-increase percentage (determined by corresponding term length) and the prior season’s investment. If re-location into upgraded seating takes place at any point within your given term, your max-increase percentage will remain the same, with subsequent season pricing based on the new location’s pricing within the previous season. Max-increase percentage is only assured for the length of term.
**Option only available for lower level arena seating except Row AAA.
***Row AAA max-increase will be 5%. Option (as listed at 3% max-increase) available for all other lower level arena seating only.

2019-20 Full Season Membership

Click on a section to preview your seats

Section Per Game/Seat Per Plan/Seat
Mid-Side Court & Lower-Baseline I $139-$211 $5,893-$8,947
Upper-Side Court $91-$144 $3,859-$6,106
Mid-Corner & Lower-Baseline II $78-$107 $3,308-$4,537
Mid-Baseline & Upper-Corner $63-$75 $2,671-$3,181
Upper-Baseline $46-$57 $1,950-$2,417

Select Your Seats

Connect with a Bucks Rep

Click on a section to preview your seats

Click on a section to preview your seats

Section Pricing
Call: 414.227.0842
Call: 414.227.0842

Includes Access to Event Level Club

Select Your Seats

Connect with a Bucks Rep

Section Pricing
Call: 414.227.0842

Includes Access to Event Level Club

Select Your Seats

Connect with a Bucks Rep

Rethinking The Way You Experience Your Full Season Membership

The 2019-20 Milwaukee Bucks season will bring a whole new Full Season Membership experience to the forefront. One designed to give maximum flexibility and a desired level of member autonomy – allowing members to choose from an array of benefits that suit them best. Some of your favorite perks will make themselves available for this new platform, with all new additional features as well – truly making this the most dynamic member experience yet!

While you patiently wait to see what the future holds, here are some great benefits you can count on with your 2019-20 Full Season Membership:

  • Access to a dedicated Account Service Representative from our NBA Award-Winning Team
  • Priority renewal seating
  • Playoff priority seating
  • Access to exclusive member events
  • Exclusive savings offers
  • Access to exclusive member areas (only for members within certain seating locations)

Secure Your Seats

Season ticket memberships for the new arena are on sale NOW! Select an option below to begin the process of purchasing your membership for the first season in the new arena in 2019-20.

Bucks ticket representatives are available M-F between 9am and 5pm. Call, chat or fill out the form below anytime and a Bucks rep will contact you within one business day.

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