Bucks Schedule Download

To add the Bucks schedule to your calendar - click the link below. If your phone or computer does not automatically recognize the link, you will need to copy the link and manually add it to your calendar program through its settings and options features. Typically in most calendar programs, select “add” or “subscribe” to a calendar, then choose “From internet” and paste in the URL link copied from below.

Google, Outlook, Office365 Calendar

1. Click the plus next to "Other calendars"
2. Select "From URL"
3. Paste in the copied URL link and click "Add calendar" button

1. On the menu, click "Open calendar" and then select “From Internet…”
2. Paste in the copied URL link and click "OK" button.

1. Select "Import calendar" from the calendar sidebar
2. Click "From web"
3. Paste in the copied URL link, name the calendar and click "Import" button.