Marvin Williams Makes The Deepest Team In The League Deeper

by Alex Boeder Writer

For four straight years before this season, Marvin Williams never came off the bench, starting all 310 games he played for the Hornets during that stretch. In the season opener this year, in his first game coming off the bench since 2015, he hit 5–7 threes and scored 17 points in 16 minutes. The Hornets won by one. This was his first shot of the season:

That was just one shot, and that was just one game, but Williams has kept it steady. When he entered the league at age 19 as the #2 overall draft pick back in 2005, he played with an understated cool. Athletic as he was, he was more smooth than anything. Now at age 33, he is the refined, self-aware version of a player who was always well-rounded and who always played within himself. Which is to say, he looks like a proper fit on the best bench in the NBA.

A career 36.2 percent three-point shooter, Williams has been better than that since he really started launching from deep with regularity in 2013–14. He has connected on 37.6 percent of his threes over the last seven seasons, which happens to be the same percentage he is making this season.

Although not an especially high-volume shooter from deep, over half of his field goal attempts this season are from beyond the arc. He is a stretchy forward, ever a welcome type on a Bucks team that attempts more threes than all but three teams in the league. He likes the corners in particular, and mostly avoids the mid-range.

Marvin Williams Shotchart

Compared to last season, all of his shooting numbers (field goal percentage, free throw percentage, three-point percentage) are up. His ability to hit threes will rightfully lead storylines, but his elite finishing around the rim is more than a little bonus.

The Bucks already had the deepest team in the league and with Williams they are deeper.

They will go into the playoffs with three 33 year-olds — Williams, Ilyasova, and Hill — who possess reassuring commonalities: They lead by example. They play well off the ball. They don’t try to do too much. They are smart team defenders. They have played in a lot of different systems. They are good shooters from deep. They are well-regarded throughout the league by teammates. They are, by the look and by the numbers, three 33 year-olds that you want in reserve come May or June.

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