Coach 13


If you add up all of those numbers in the graphic, it will equal 1894.
That number represents regular season wins the Bucks have accumulated since they started playing NBA ball back in 1968.

During that time, exactly 12 head coaches have called Milwaukee their team. That works out to one every 3.75 years, on average. But there really is no typical or average when it comes to head coaching.

All of the head coaches in franchise history are in the graphic above, along with the number of regular season games they won.

Cool part: The more games the head coach won, the larger their text size. In fact, the size of their name is scaled proportionately to the number of games they won compared to the other coaches. For example, George Karl (205 wins) is just slightly larger than Del Harris (191 wins). And the “s” in Don Nelson (540 wins) is alone larger than Larry Krystkowiak (31 wins).

The graphic is courtesy of Wordle. I had made one of these a while ago, and I am going to make some more.

The 13th

The Bucks and Jim Boylan parted ways after the team fell in the playoffs in the first round to the Heat. Boylan went 22-28, and so his name is actually the smallest on the graphic, with those 22 wins. But it should be noted that his .440 winning percentage ranks a much more respectable sixth among the 12 coaches, so his name would be quite a lot larger if it was based on that.

In any event, the team is currently looking for its next head coach. How big will the next coach’s name grow on the graphic above?

Some people think that the number 13 is unlucky. I am not one of those people. I always pick #13 as my soccer jersey number. Kobe Bryant was the 13th draft pick in 1996. I have a friend getting married on Friday, Sept. 13 this year. And it is 2013. I rather like 13. It is my favorite number. I am excited for the 13th Bucks head coach.

The 12

Getting back now for a quick (three sentence max) history lesson on the first 12 Bucks head coaches.