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Ben Simmons has had a productive quarantine.

From making a profound difference in the Philadelphia community to staying fit, the 76er point man is making the most of his time.

Here’s some of what he’s been up to…

To highlight his quarantine, Simmons welcomed a new fluffy friend to his household - a doberman puppy. 

Though still unnamed at the time of writing this, Ben’s new pup will be a sister to another one of his dogs, 140-pound Bane.

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My quarantine buddy Bane Maximos Simmons

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Simmons has been starting each day with a workout, followed by video game sessions, eating well, and spending time with his dogs.

When the hiatus began, Simmons was quick to lend a helping hand - becoming a driving force behind The Philly Pledge. He says giving back to Philadelphia was a no brainer:

“Knowing it’s a Philly Pledge, and it's part of this community, and it’s going towards the right things… is an amazing thing. A lot of people joined into the pledge, which is great. It just shows togetherness, and that’s what Philly is. Since Day One [that] I’ve been here, Philadelphia embraced me, and I embrace Philadelphia back.”

As for his full-time gig between the lines, Simmons can’t wait to return.

“The one thing I need to say to the fans is get ready. We’re coming back strong. I hope everybody’s staying safe out there, taking care of themselves and their families, I’m excited to get back. Once it starts rolling, we’re going to be rolling again. I’m looking forward to it. Can’t wait to put on that jersey again.

As he reflected on the year thus far, the team’s Jan. 25 matchup with the Lakers stood out in Simmons’ mind. Not only for the team’s 108-91 win against King James & Co. (Simmons tallied 28 points, 10 rebounds, and eight assists), but also for the unparalleled atmosphere at The Center:

“It’s different. It’s a different kind of feeling. Nothing really matches Philly’s [atmosphere]. It’s a lot different when you’re playing at home - the arena just feels so different from every other arena you’ve ever played in. There’s more eyes on you.”


Some more fun facts about Ben:

  • His favorite vegetable is carrots.

  • His favorite pizza topping is barbecue sauce.

  • His favorite non-basketball sport is soccer.

  • His shoe size is 16.

  • AC/DC is his favorite band.

  • And his favorite emoji, is, of course:

Check back with to post up with more of the 76ers in the coming weeks.

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